A Closer Look at the Principles: Community Based

Think of some particular reasonably happy family you know. What kinds of things do they do outside their homes?  They have jobs, go to school, and participate in clubs and sports teams – maybe they attend a church. People who participate in their communities tend to be better supported, more able to cope with change and crisis, and overall just happier.

The principle of community-based recognizes that families and young people who receive wraparound, like all people, should have the opportunity to participate fully in family and community life. This means that the team will strive to implement service and support strategies that are accessible to the family and that are located within the community where the family chooses to live.

Teams will also work to ensure that family members receiving wraparound have the greatest possible access to the range of activities and environments that are available to other families, children, and youth within their communities, and that support positive functioning and development.

Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, children or adult family members need to be placed in an institution outside of the community or in a segregated and specialized education or rehabilitation program. When this happens, plans should be made to integrate them safely and successfully back into the community as quickly as possible.

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