History of MiiWrap

For nearly 20 years Jim Rast and David Duresky have worked together, primarily on Wraparound projects. Besides building a successful working relationship, they also became friends. Together they share many things in common, including being passionate about their work, and the desire to truly be helpful to people and families in times of need. As with many people, our work often spilled over into our casual conversations. In many of those discussions we talked about how we could improve Wraparound. While Jim is clearly the expert on Wraparound and has been significantly exposed to Motivational Interviewing, Duresky is the expert on Motivational Interviewing and has spent 20 years researching, training, and learning Motivational Interviewing. They realized that while both models have things in common, they also have unique aspects that seemed to complement each other.  Wraparound is strong on structure, while Motivational Interviewing is strong on style. One thing that they consistently talked about was there were no aspects of either model that were in opposition.  For years, they had these discussions before they began to talk about bringing them together in a new approach.  One thing that has helped this process, is that they are both very excited about it!

Wraparound had evolved on a national scale in a way that appeared mechanical in its application at times. In some areas of practice, it had become cumbersome and challenging to implement. We both began to think it was time for a new evolution of the model.  Motivational Interviewing was one of the ways that we thought it could be re-energized. Motivational Interviewing was also going through some changes as a result of ongoing research. More and more, there seemed to be a convergence of these two practices that almost demanded we respond. With the encouragement of two respected colleagues and friends, Julie Radlauer-Doerffler and Shari Thomas, we decided to take a shot at using Motivational Interviewing to inform the Wraparound process. MiiWrap is the result of countless hours of thoughtful, and sometimes humorous, conversations and writing.

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