History of VVDB

Vroon VDB (VVDB) LLC is the continual innovation of Vroon VanDenBerg LLP which transitioned in August 2012 when partner John VanDenBerg retired.  The new company continues the services leadership role and innovations that have been the trademark of VVDB since 1999.  Vroon VDB has a stronger focus on materials that can stand alone without contracting VVDB staff time, social, medical, and telephonic communication, and regional open trainings while maintaining the focus on innovation, on-site training, coaching and consulting.

Dr. Rast managed the first demonstration of the wraparound process using large numbers of Family Support Partners. In his 13 county effort in Southeast Kansas (1994), Dr. Rast managed a system with more than 75 wraparound staff who provided quality wraparound for more than 2,600 families over a five-year period. This program successfully reduced the use of psychiatric bed days from 4,000 a year to 400 a year for a 13 county region, while documenting improved clinical functions, school outcomes, reduced days in child welfare or juvenile justice services for the children served. Dr. Rast worked with state officials to expand this project statewide and had significant responsibility in developing the state plan, funding strategies, and agency contracts in Kansas.  (To learn more about Dr. Rast, read his staff bio.)

Dr. Rast isn’t our only wraparound expert on staff. All Vroon VDB staff have provided extensive wraparound services for youth and families, and continue to do so directly.  The majority of VVDB staff have children with special needs. All Vroon VDB staff have successfully supervised and coached wraparound programs and most have managed wraparound programs.   We don’t just think and write about wraparound or vicariously experience it through others.  We live and are totally committed to wraparound in everything we do.

Where does the name “Vroon VDB” come from?

smallpurplevroonVroon VanDenBerg was the joining of two independent consulting companies.  Vroon Associates had been operating since 1985 with a primary focus on supporting agencies, services, and individuals with the dual diagnosis of mental retardation and mental illness. When forming Vroon Associates we sought a name that described our perceived role in the process.

In the Chronicles of Majipoor, Robert Silverberg describes a world that has been settled by off-world species. One of these species is the Vroon. The Vroon is a small multi-tentacle being with no personal power but the ability to touch others and bring out the best in them.

Like the Vroon, Vroon VDB does not have power to make a community or communities a better place for children and families, but the goal of everything we do is to support others in communities to be their best. VDB comes from the last name of the now-retired Dr. John VanDenBerg, pioneer in wraparound, co-founding partner in the company, and dear friend.

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