Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Vroon VDB’s mission is to support communities in establishing, sustaining, and improving high fidelity wraparound, through use of state of the art materials, training, coaching, and consultation. Our primary goal is to support access to “good” wraparound to any children, families, or individuals who need and want it. We know that the primary enemies of good wraparound practice are drift and stagnation. We are committed to helping communities avoid practice model drift over time and develop highly competent staff and strong local leadership. Our ultimate goal is for high fidelity wraparound to be available to every youth and family that needs it.To avoid stagnation and tp support successful innovation, we are committed to forming local learning organizations and regional and natural learning communities.

Guiding Values

Vroon VDB knows that high quality wraparound is strengths-based, culturally sensitive, highly individualized, and focused on teaching the people served to solve their own problems in their own ways with their support systems. We run our business the same way. VVDB is dedicated to carrying out these values in all of our work, and to constantly improving our craft so we can continue to help others improve theirs. We believe:

  • Vroon VDB is more dedicated to the goal of access than to the company bottom line and has a strong focus to make materials, training and support available to whoever is committed to providing high fidelity wraparound to others.
  • Wraparound process should be tailored to the special population being served.
  • Training and coaching should be tailored to the developmental levels and priorities of the participants in order to support continual development of their self-efficacy (skills and confidence).
  • Local consultation should be tailored to the unique culture, strengths and needs of each community.
  • That the measure of success for our training and coaching is our customer’s skill acquisition and their improving youth and family outcomes.
  • In modeling the values of wraparound and systems of care in our work.
  • In being sensitive to community strengths and needs while striving for fidelity to the wraparound model.
  • That cultural competency is an absolute necessity at all levels of our work.
  • In parent/professional partnership at all levels of our work, wraparound in program development and implementation, and community development.
  • In constantly evolving our work based on continuous quality improvement, implementation research and learning from the people we work with.


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