James RastDr. James Rast

President and Chief Executive Officer

As a system of care, wraparound, and human services research consultant, Dr. Rast has extensive experience in developing programs, systems, program evaluation strategies and tools to assess community-based service implementation. {Read more}

Dee RastDee Rast

Office and Business Manager

Dee Rast is Vroon VDB’s office and business manager, and the wife of Dr. Jim Rast. Denise coordinates logistics for the team’s workshops, handles company paperwork and communications, and does whatever it takes to keep Vroon VDB running smoothly. {Read more}

brittnewBrittany Rastsmith

Director of Training

Brittany Rastsmith is a former training coordinator of a faith based residential treatment center, school, and community outreach program where she completely redesigned all of their new staff training procedures. {Read more}

10-Susan-BoehrerSusan Boehrer

Trainer Coach

Susan Boehrer is the executive director of the Oklahoma Federation of Families for Youth and Children’s Mental Health, a non-profit organization promoting advocacy, family support, and technical assistance for Oklahoma families and Oklahoma Systems of Care. {Read more}

Kelly Pipkins-BurtKelly Pipkins-Burt

Wraparound Process Mentor

Kelly Pipkins-Burt is a former executive director of a residential treatment center where she transformed a traditional “level” system into an individualized, stabilization-focused program. {Read more}

Dan ValleroyDaniel Valleroy

Trainer Coach

Dan has been implementing high fidelity wraparound within community agencies for over 15 years. {Read more}


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