Dan Valleroy

Dan ValleroyDaniel Valleroy
Trainer Coach

Dan has been implementing high fidelity wraparound within community agencies for 15 years. He was the executive director of a large agency in St. Louis, Mo., which successfully integrated wraparound into all levels of programming. In this role, he provided leadership to other agencies within the same federation of agencies, and achieved successful outcomes for the families as measured by significant improvements in CAFAS and CBCL scores. Dan’s agency eventually achieved some of the nation’s highest recorded fidelity scores on the Wraparound Fidelity Index, a standardized instrument that measures the use of the wraparound principles in direct practice.

Dan is a consultant and coach for Vroon VanDenBerg, and has provided training and coaching for several large contracts, including VVDB’s innovative efforts in Oklahoma to use wraparound with adult offenders. In this effort, wraparound was used to reduce recidivism for the prison population. Outcomes were successful, and the effort has achieved the nation’s highest rate of recidivism reduction for medium to high-risk offenders. Dan provided the direct coaching and technical assistance, working with John VanDenBerg.

Dan and his wife, Jeanine are foster parents and as well as adoptive parents, having adopted two children with complex needs.  They utilize the wraparound process in their own family.

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