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Certification of Wraparound Coaches, Facilitators, Family Support Partners and Trainers

Why Certification?

Every evidence-based practice, including wraparound, has a process of certification. Certification is a systematic and sequential process of learning key skills and action steps, and being able to demonstrate one's ability to do the action steps. Certification is done to promote consistency of an evidence-based practice, to prevent practice drift across time and to document staff competency. Certification always involves both training and coaching.

Vroon VanDenBerg developed the first wraparound certification for the key jobs of wraparound.

Research has shown that certification leads to more effective wraparound, which leads to better outcomes for families.

Types of Certification

Wraparound Coach Certification

Coaching is the process of teaching someone to do wraparound by showing them the process, consulting with them on how to use the process, and helping them discover the craft knowledge to do it well. VVDB has defined the role of a Coach into skills which relate to supporting staff to become experts on the wraparound process. For example, a Coach must be able to create shadowing experiences that make the best use of peer-to-peer learning techniques. Coaches are often, but not always, supervisors. VVDB Coaches work with local sites to certify Coaches who then handle all certification of the wraparound staff.

Tier One Wraparound Staff Certification

Tier One Wraparound Staff certification is carried out by a Certified Coach. Tier One is typically done as a prerequisite to working directly with families. Tier One is designed to be accomplished within the first 45 days of a Wraparound staff person's job and results in the staff getting the job title of Wraparound Facilitator or Family Support Partner. Until Tier One Certification is completed, the staff person is considered a novice in his or her position. Each Tier One learner is given a workbook and does class or individual exercises which cover the many facets of wraparound implementation. Tier One also involves supplemental coaching activities that are done to practice key skills and additional shadowing activities in which the student watches experienced staff do some of the crucial activities of wraparound.

The skills for Wraparound Facilitator certification are based on action steps related to the National Wraparound Initiative Phases and Activities, and on specific skills needed to do quality wraparound. The Family Support Partner role is defined in terms of seven primary roles that are further described in specific action steps.

Tier Two Wraparound Staff Certification

This certification, also carried out by a Certified Coach, is designed to be accomplished within the next 120 days of a Wraparound staff person's job and results in the staff getting the job title of Tier Two Wraparound Facilitator or Family Support Partner. Each Tier Two learner is given a Tier Two certification workbook that involves demonstrating that he or she can successfully do the key activities of wraparound with youth and families.

Certification of Wraparound Trainers

VVDB requires certified trainers to have attended a national training on the core skills of training others and using the VVDB Wraparound Foundations training book and workbooks; to have co-trained the core 4-day curriculum at least three times with a certified trainer; and to have demonstrated competency in related training skills such as doing effective brief orientations on the wraparound process. Some sites use independent trainers, and others prefer that trainers are also coaches.

Questions about Wraparound Certification?

For more information about VVDB Wraparound Certification procedures, e-mail either Dr. Jim Rast or Dr. John VanDenBerg.