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We had a great time at the 27th Children’s Mental Health Research & Policy Conference in Tampa this March.  It gave us a few ideas about how we could help the wraparound community in general (starting here and growing to this).

Here is what we covered in our presentations:

Vroon VDB Presentation Times & Topics

Monday 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Palma Ceia 2 – 60 Minute Symposium

The Implications of Implementation Research on Training, Coaching, and Supervising for High Fidelity Wraparound

Chair: Jim Rast, PhD, Vroon VDB, Aurora, CO; Discussant: Jack Simmons, PhD, Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative, Boston, MA

This symposium will examine implementation research and discuss lessons learned in three key areas of supporting wraparound: initial orientation and training, coaching focusing on the family partner role, and supervision of the wraparound process. The need for continual innovation to improve the impact of each of these implementation components to develop and sustain wraparound at fidelity levels will be discussed. The first presentation will address new research on orientation and initial training. The second presentation will share new research about the coaching process. The third presentation will review different types of wraparound supervision and present three implementation studies done across 116 supervisors in 39 programs.

Implications from Implementation Research for Orientation and Initial Training

Presenters: Brittany Rastsmith, MA, Vroon VDB, Aurora, CO

This presentation will begin with a summary of research on training wraparound and initial orientation. Then it takes a closer look at two particular studies which compare the results on training transfer and wraparound fidelity.

Research Implications for Coaching Family Partners

Presenters: Susan Boehrer, BA, Oklahoma Federation of Families, Washington, OK

This presentation describes the process and important issues in training coaches and focuses on lessons for coaches of Family Partners. The first study compares general coaching to a structured coaching process that focuses specifically on the wraparound

Implementation Research in Supervising Wraparound

Presenters: Jim Rast, PhD, Vroon VDB, Aurora, CO

Supervision is a critical implementation component to develop and sustain high fidelity wraparound. This presentation will review different types of wraparound supervision and present three implementation studies done across 116 supervisors in 39 programs The results help us better define supervision and the overall implementation model. The first study looks at a process of scheduling the time with individual supervision. The second study evaluates the impact of supervision type and frequency. The final study examines a structured process to focus supervision on wraparound process.

Monday 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Palma Ceia 3 – 30 Minute Paper

Integrating Managed Care and the CANs with Wraparound

Presenters: Jim Rast, PhD, Vroon VDB, Aurora, CO; Jack Simons, PhD, Health and Human Services, Boston, MA

The development of an evidenced practice is often done in an organization culture focused on providing high fidelity services with flexibility in funding and process rules. The conditions often include additional supports that are made available to ensure that the process is provided with fidelity. Under these conditions, efficacy research has shown that high fidelity wraparound produces improved outcomes when compared to lower fidelity wraparound. One of the challenges for implementing high fidelity wraparound has been moving from pilot projects to larger implementation across community-based programs with varying organizational culture and outside pressures. Fidelity assessments have consistently documented that the wraparound being offered through community or statewide programs does not reach or sustain the fidelity levels associated with controlled pilot studies – and does not achieve the best outcomes for children and families. This presentation addresses specific issues related to statewide implementation.

Wednesday 10:30 am – 11:00 am
Bayshore V – 30 Minute Paper

Innovations in Wraparound Practice

Presenters: Jim Rast, PhD, Vroon VDB, Aurora, CO; Susan Boehrer, BA, Oklahoma Federation for Families, Washington, OK

From its roots in Kaleidoscope and Alaska wraparound has been continually innovated to improve quality and outcomes of the process. This paper will describe two innovations and related tools and coaching structure to focus wraparound on purposeful transition. The first is defining and using transition assets to support implementation, coaching and supervision for staff. The second relates to defining and utilizing the family’s culture of support to define the wraparound process.

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