Group Coaching: Evaluating your Learning Organization

Group coaching is an incredibly important part of building a healthy wraparound agency. However, it can only work when you have established the groundwork for it. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Is your agency a “safe space” for sharing, learning and growing, or does it tend to be more negative or punitive?
  2. Does everyone expect to keep learning or growing, or is that just something new staff do?
  3. Do your staff understand the basics of non-evaluative brainstorming?

If the answer to any of these is no, you have some work to do before group coaching can really work. That’s not to say you have to wait – you just need to be actively working on and compensating for the areas of your learning organization that aren’t developed yet.

Group Coaching

Learning organizations are full of people who want to keep learning and growing – who see that growth as an essential part of their jobs. When everyone keeps learning, then learning isn’t stigmatized as a mark of incompetence, and real sharing can happen.

For example, non-evaluative brainstorming is an important part of group learning. We want everyone to be able to share all of their ideas without fear of reprisal or judgment. What does that look like? We will cover that next week (or we cover it in-depth in our Coaching Textbook).

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