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How We Came to be Excited About MiiWrap

You might be asking why should you begin to do MiiWrap or transition your current wraparound program to MiiWrap?  Let us tell you why we became excited about it.

For over 20 years, VVDB has worked to consistently evolve and improve wraparound.  Over the last ten years, we’ve seen wraparound become more mechanical in its application and less flexible to help families. In some areas of practice, it had become cumbersome and challenging to implement.

This made us start to think it was time for a new evolution of the model.  Motivational Interviewing was one of the ways that we thought it could be re-energized. Motivational Interviewing was also going through some growth changes because of ongoing research. More and more, there seemed to be a convergence of these two practices that almost demanded we respond.

We truly believe that Wraparound is the best approach to working with people that have multiple complex issues and behaviors.  We also believe that Motivational Interviewing could provide a way of motivating people and balding their self-efficacy. After many phone conferences, emails and face to face visits (from the Florida Keys, to the mountains of Colorado!) each time we met, we became more excited about the project.  We are calling this new approach MiiWRAP. From a clinical perspective, it is “Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound.”

Just as each model adds to the value of the other, David Duresky and I added value to each other’s life and work. We had hundreds of hours of honestly challenging the models, their current practice, and our personal beliefs and experiences about assisting others in behavioral change.  MiiWRAP is the product of many hours of deep thought and critique.  Many hours of writing and rewriting. Many hours of laughter and enjoyment. We truly believe that MiiWRAP will assist organizations, communities and regions to help people improve the quality of their lives. We are truly excited… and we hope that you will be as we make this journey together.

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