Moving Florida Case Management to Wraparound: A Targeted Workshop

Wraparound and Case Management have a lot of Medicaid codes in common, but are vastly different ways to work. However, many agencies around the country who want to start using the High Fidelity Wraparound Model are best positioned to transfer some of their case workers over (and perhaps not even full time). Other agencies want to practice targeted case management, but using the principles, theory of change, and activities from wraparound.

Knowing this, we have developed a new workshop to help agencies in this situation get started the right way. Receive this training and then be equipped to coach your Case Management staff to utilize High Fidelity Wraparound. This training is designed to prepare Case Managers to facilitate wraparound as well as to prepare supervisors to coach and certify their own local facilitators.


The following will be reviewed during the training

  • Innovations in Wraparound
  • Transitioning “broker type” case managers to facilitate high fidelity wraparound
  • Preparing to utilize the Florida Medicaid funded “Wraparound code”
  • Orientation & Introduction – our orientation is planned around a polarity exercise that helps students understand the big picture of wraparound in a very concrete way as a foundation for all the detailed training.
  • Engagement- covers each of the activities of the engagement phases. The training in this section are focused on concrete strategies for successfully helping families do the wraparound process.
  • Planning – these sections cover the planning process in detail, with more functional activities and numerous new strategies to improve family participation, brainstorming, and quality plans and crisis plans.
  • Implementation – this section covers new concepts to support sustained progress by families such as purposeful transition, transition assets, and the culture of support plus the strategies for using motivational interviewing to create better long term engagement of the youth, family, and team.
  • Transition – under the new model, most of transition preparation happens in the preceding phases and is covered in those sections. This section offers new exercises and a focus on long term sustainability.
  • Special Topics –cover topics that are essential to wraparound success, like how to identify, nurture, develop, or create natural supports, and how to build your local system of care.

We would love to see you there. Read more about the training, including how to register, here: Florida Workshop.

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