Our Youth Support Partner Textbook is Here

Youth Support Partners (YSP) can add an incredible amount of value to a program. They can reach kids who are otherwise unreachable, and create family and youth engagement at unparalleled rates. Youth Support Partners do a lot of things that are similar to what Family Support Partners do, and they also have some overlap with Wraparound Facilitators. However, they have their own discreet set of primary responsibilities.

The Youth Support Partner Textbook is the very first High Fidelity Wraparound textbook specifically tailored to the Youth Support Partner Role. It contains everything a YSP needs to go from a brand new staff member to a certified professional.

YSP Cover

The textbook contains the same integrated Foundations of Wraparound training material as our Wraparound Facilitator and Family Support Partner books – this allows coaches to train everyone together, which creates the best flexibility and team environment. The YSP Textbook also contains YSP specific shadowing and behavioral rehearsal exercises after the appropriate chapters, and a certification manual specific to the YSP role in the appendices. Like all of our books, it is designed to work with a trainer in a small or larger class, or one on one with a coach.

We are so excited to be able to offer this tangible support to communities everywhere who are making this important step towards fidelity. Youth Support Partners are part of the future of wraparound, and this book can help you make them a reality for your program.

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