Wraparound Process Mentors

The Vroon VDB Wraparound Process Mentor (WPM) is a certified professional who has demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to motivate and support staff, agencies and communities to implement and continually improve the wraparound process and related systems of care issues.  The WPM supports staff, agencies, and communities as a consultant, coach and a catalyst to change through a process that mirrors wraparound. The WPM is ethical, holds a deep belief in the fidelity of the wraparound process, and prioritizes actions based on the best interests of the youth and families served.

WPMs can fill several critical roles for an agency. They can be in charge of overseeing training and coaching. Since the WPM is an experienced and successful wraparound and system of care supervisor, they can consultant for supervisors managing high fidelity wraparound programs and can provide similar support for other supervisors in the system of care.  Furthermore, the WPM can provide and support implementation of certification processes for supervisors and coaches.  WPM’s have had successful experience leading and teaching others system of care development. The WPM has experience with multiple strategies, to assess the current state of collaboration and integration of the system of care and the ability to coach communities through the processes to develop, sustain and continually improve community teams. WPM’s are evaluation specialists who can advise agencies on the best ways to track and improve their outcomes. The potential advantages of WPM’s to an agency are too many to list here. Sufficient to say, your system of care will be stronger if you have one or more.

The WPM role and certification process are defined in terms of 12 WPM functions including: training, coaching, and certifying wraparound staff, coaches, and supervisors, consulting with wraparound agencies about the necessary conditions, funding, and supports to implement and sustain high fidelity wraparound. The WPM supports community based wraparound by helping staff and agencies build collaboration and systems of care.  The WPM supports continuous quality improvement in development of wraparound learning organizations, continuous quality improvement systems.  The training and certification process for the WPM is defined in terms of the twelve functions for the position.

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