Building a Self-Sustaining System

In wraparound, we certify individual staff, not overall programs. Each staff person is accountable for maintaining the fidelity of the process by learning to do their role effectively. However, agencies who believe in high fidelity wraparound can use these individual certifications to build a locally self-sustaining system. Your goal is to create a high quality, high fidelity wraparound program that evolves to meet the needs of the community while providing the best possible outcomes for families.  And to do this in a way that doesn’t require outside consulting and training companies to come in every year.  The Vroon VDB certification process is designed with exactly the same goal in mind.

It all starts with Wraparound Facilitators and Family and Youth Support Partners. They are the blocks out of which the day to day operations of a wraparound agency are built. The Wraparound Facilitator is focused on carrying out the Phases and Activities, and Action Steps of the Process, and is an active team member as well as a facilitator. The Family Support Partner is focused on direct support of the youth and family, tailored to each family’s individualized “culture of support.” These two positions must work closely together, in a tight partnership.

These jobs are difficult in any circumstances, and impossible without proper support. Wraparound Facilitators need Wraparound Facilitator Coaches to train then, help them find their way as wraparound professionals, and to advise them throughout their careers.  Similarly, Family Support Partners need Family Support Partner Coaches for the same reasons. Both kinds of coaches are responsible for ensuring that the Wraparound Staff are highly competent at operating according to the Principles, the VVDB Theory of Change, and the Phases, Activities and Action Steps of Wraparound. Supervisors support Wraparound Facilitators and Family Support Partners, too, but in different ways. Performance-based proactive supervision both supports and guides wraparound staff to provide services that result in good engagement and outcomes for youth and families.  Supervision defines the jobs that wraparound staff do and molds them into the culture of the agency and community.

A system of care, once created with certified Wraparound Facilitator Coaches, Family Support Partner Coaches, and Supervisors, can sustain itself indefinitely, needing only to hire someone to certify new Coaches and Supervisors. The coaches and the supervisors can work together to hire and certify new Wraparound Facilitators and Family Support Partners. These staff can in turn, if they want, become the next generation of coaches and supervisors.  However, programs that want to improve and change with the times and circumstances need another level of certified professional: the Wraparound Process Mentor.  Wraparound Process Mentors are experienced wraparound professionals and mentors who serve as catalysts for change within an agency. They design evaluation strategies, they encourage the learning community to grown and evolve with experience and new research.  Wraparound Process Mentors help agencies stay on the cutting edge of wraparound, providing the best outcomes for children and families. Wraparound Process Mentors can also certify new Coaches and Supervisors, creating a truly self-sustaining system.

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