Supervision is the process of ensuring agency mandates are met, defining the role and duties of each staff person, monitoring their job performance, reviewing case specific implementation individually and in groups, and coordinating wraparound across agencies at the system level.

Performance-based proactive supervision both supports and guides wraparound staff to provide services that result in good engagement and outcomes for youth and families.  Supervision defines the jobs that wraparound staff do and molds them into the culture of the agency and community.

Supervision engages each staff person individually and gives them ongoing feedback on how well they are doing.  In many ways it is a parallel process to wraparound.  The supervisor should review progress for each youth and family at least monthly and focuses on how the wraparound process is being implemented for each family.  It identifies challenges to wraparound process and monitors these more frequently.  Research has shown that strengths-based supervision focusing on staff performance and proactively monitoring work with youth and families results in better outcomes for youth and families and better satisfaction for employees.  The results found that proactive coaching and supervision can cut the time to fidelity by almost 50% and resulted in better outcomes for youth and families.

Experience has consistently demonstrated that people who have direct experience doing high fidelity wraparound with families are better coaches and trainers than those who do not have this experience. At the same time, individuals already in supervisory or training positions may not have the flexibility to stop other work for several months to complete this requirement. Part of the VVDB support of local wraparound coaches involves training and on and off-site mentorship, guiding the local coaches and supervisors through a series of skill demonstrations. As supervisors and coaches are certified, they develop a locally sustained, ongoing process for training and certifying their own staff. Then, the only long term costs are for the training textbooks and workbooks and optional follow-up consultation on training from wraparound process mentors.

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