Wraparound Facilitators

A Wraparound Facilitator is the person who takes primary responsibilities to make the wraparound process happen for an individual family. He or she, in partnership with the Family Support Partner, ensures that the principles, activities, and theory of change of the process are delivered with the highest possible fidelity to national best practices. High fidelity wraparound is impossible without high quality Wraparound Facilitators.

The Wraparound Facilitator is not just a neutral coordinator of services but someone who brings added value to the process.  The Wraparound Facilitator helps the family to develop a positive view of the future through doing a strengths, needs, and culture discovery.  The Wraparound Facilitator supports the family to learn and use skills to identify and prioritize their own needs, develop their own plans, access their own resources, and to manage their own crises.  A family will continue to have needs and crises for the rest of their lives.  This is part of being human.  The goal of wraparound is that the family will learn to either manage these bumps in the road by themselves, and to know how to get help and support when they need it. The Wraparound Facilitator works with the family to build and strengthen their natural support network.  The Wraparound Facilitator does whatever it takes to engage all team members in the process to develop an integrated plan.  The Wraparound Facilitator develops a partnership relationship with the family that helps them to address and work through challenges to make changes in their lives.  This may include understanding family developmental readiness and using teachable moments and motivational interviewing to surface issues that are important to helping the family reach their long-range vision.

Wraparound Facilitator certification happens in two phases: Tier One and Tier Two Certification.  Both tiers are carried out by a Certified Coach.  Tier One Certification is designed to be accomplished within the first 2 to 4 weeks of a wraparound staff person’s job. Until Tier One Certification is completed, the staff person is considered a novice in his or her position. Upon completion, the staff person gets the job title of Wraparound Facilitator. Each Tier One learner is given a textbook that includes the 45 exercises from the basic training, shadowing, and behavioral rehearsal.  The forty-five training exercises are done as part of the initial training of wraparound.  These are the class or individual exercises done to cover the many facets of wraparound.  In addition, there are seven supplemental “coaching” activities that are done to practice and learn more about the material in the training in the individual site and seven shadowing activities (which are each done twice) in which the student watches experienced staff do some of the critical activities of wraparound.  Tier Two Certification is designed to be accomplished within the next 120 days of a Wraparound staff person’s job and results in the staff getting the job title of Advanced Wraparound Facilitator.  Each Tier Two learner is given a Tier Two certification textbook that involves demonstrating that he or she can successfully do the key activities of wraparound with youth and families.

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