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Our goal is to increase the availability of high fidelity wraparound to youths and families who need it. We do this by offering trainings, workshops, consultations, and certifications to help agencies provide high quality, high fidelity wraparound. At the core of all of our training and learning community building efforts are our textbooks. They contain the basics, craft knowledge, activities, personal and professional wisdom accumulated over decades of wraparound experience, and everything you need to certify staff members in particular wraparound positions. For agencies looking to increase their training efficacy and retention, we also offer a complete set of training DVDs that take a family all the way through the wraparound process.

Wraparound Textbooks

Vroon VDB creates high quality, research driven textbooks for each of the core professional wraparound positions. These textbooks represent decades of wraparound learning and experience, and are at the core of the certification process. They are designed to be used as self-paced primary knowledge sources, as the central element for a group coaching class, or in peer-to-peer coaching. Each book comes with exercises, group activities, reflection questions, and certification skill demonstration guidelines. For extra training efficiency and support, consider the textbooks in conjunction with the Miriam’s Family Wraparound Training DVD set.

Vroon VDB has the following textbooks, for more detailed information click here, to purchase click here:

  • The Foundations of High Fidelity Wraparound: The Wraparound Facilitator Textbook
  • The Foundations of High Fidelity Wraparound: The Family Support Partner Textbook
  • The Foundations of High Fidelity Wraparound: The Youth Support Partner Textbook
  • Coaching High Fidelity Wraparound: The Wraparound Coach & Trainer Textbook
  • Supervising High Fidelity Wraparound: The Wraparound Supervisor Textbook (Forthcoming)
  • The Wraparound Process Mentor Textbook (Forthcoming)

Training DVDs

Shadowing and the accompanying discussion is one of the core activities of VVDB wraparound certification. We learn best when we learn about something, see it in action, then discuss what we’ve seen. While live shadowing can be a powerful experience, it often helps for coaches and supervisors to know exactly what their trainees have seen. Then they can prepare themselves and the trainees for the experience before hand, and have a tailor made set of questions and prompts to start the debriefing process.

How can you know exactly what will happen in a wraparound session with a family? By having it on tape. The Miriam’s Family DVDs are a complete set of wraparound exercises from the beginning of the process to the end. They showcase the uniqueness of wraparound, the struggles to individualize with a family, while conforming exactly to the best practices of wraparound. With the Miriam’s Family DVDs, your coaches can use their time the most efficiently, and your new staff members will learn how to do wraparound from the best.

High Fidelity Wraparound Training: Mariam’s Family ~ 7-DVD Set

This new professionally filmed set of DVDs shows a fictional family (Mariam and her family) going through all seven core meetings of the wraparound process, including:

DVD 1: Initial Engagement
DVD 2: Strengths, Needs, and Culture Discovery
DVD 3: Family and Team Member Preparation for the First Meeting
DVD 4: Wraparound Planning
DVD 5: Crisis Planning
DVD 6: Ongoing Wraparound Meeting Planning
DVD 7: Transition Planning

The DVD set shows a Wraparound Facilitator and a Family Support Partner using the VVDB Action Steps of high-fidelity wraparound, which are the detailed steps of wraparound. The DVDs come with the family’s completed documents* for a more training options.

Click here to learn more about each of the DVDs in the set.

*Completed documents include: • Strengths, Needs, and Culture Discovery • Wraparound Plan • Crisis Plan • Ongoing Wraparound Meeting Plan • Progress Notes • and Transition Plan.

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