Learning to do high fidelity wraparound is a complicated process. Each staff member will learn best in different ways, and at different rates. There is too much information for any trainer, no matter how gifted, to cover entirely – and most students will need frequent refreshers. For all these reasons, VVDB has supplemented its trainings with manuals and workbooks for years. But they didn’t go far enough.

Over the last 15 years, Vroon VDB has been training and working with wraparound staff across North America.  While teaching over 2000 certified staff, leading over 500 trainings, and conducting long term coaching in more than 100 sites, Vroon VDB has developed new strategies for doing and training wraparound. In 2015, we are releasing a complete set of brand new textbooks that contain more than twice as much information as our old books. These textbooks are instruction manuals, workbooks, exercises, and supporting documents all in one. They present the skills needed for each position in a clear, concise, multi-modal format. Using within and across topic layering, critical thinking exercises, and personal reflection, these books are designed to maximize training transfer for large classes, small groups, or self-study students.

The Foundations of High Fidelity Wraparound Practice

This brand new 600+ page coaching and training book is designed as a textbook for entry level wraparound staff. It includes detailed descriptions of how to deliver a high fidelity wraparound process as defined by Vroon VDB Action Steps and Theory of Change. It presents many new strategies for staff to use to produce high fidelity wraparound and success with families.  The new book also includes visual representations of all the main learning objectives and debriefing questions for coaches or small group discussion to support the deep learning cycle. This textbook is written to be used for self-study, in small groups, or with large classes. It is designed to be supplemented with high quality videotaped wraparound activities. Agencies can use their own, or they can purchase our Mariam’s Family DVD set.

The Foundations Textbooks comes in three variations: for Wraparound Facilitators, for Family Support Partners, and for Youth Support Partners. Each textbook contains everything needed for a coach to certify one staff member in the selected position.

Wraparound Facilitator Textbook Available Now

Family Support Partner Textbook Available Now

Youth Support Partner Textbook Available Now

The High Fidelity Wraparound Coach and Trainer Textbook

Over the last 15 years, Vroon VDB has been training and working with coaches across North America, certifying over 250 coaches in our system.  During that time, Vroon VDB has learned new strategies for training and new ways for maximizing training transfer.  Based on this, Vroon VDB has developed a new coaching manual (2014) that has more than twice as much information as the 2013 version. This brand new 300+ page textbook describes the process and 12 functions for Wraparound Facilitator  and Family Support Partner coaching and includes the textbook, training exercises, and certification materials. It presents many new strategies for coaches to use to produce high fidelity wraparound and self-efficient satisfied staff who stay in their jobs much longer.  The difference between a well trained staff with high fidelity to the model and a poorly trained, unhappy, unsuccessful staff is quality coaching. The best training only has a 30% transfer rate. Coaching can take that to 90%. This textbook teaches the tools you need to be the kind of coach who makes a difference in your agency. It contains a wealth of general wraparound coaching information, as well as information and activities specific to coaching Wraparound Facilitators and Family or Youth Support Partners.

Available now

The Wraparound Process Mentor Textbook

Are you ready to take your wraparound knowledge, program, and career to the next level? The Vroon VDB Wraparound Process Mentor (WPM) is a certified professional who has demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to motivate and support staff, agencies and communities to implement and continually improve the wraparound process and related systems of care issues.  The WPM supports staff, agencies, and communities as a consultant, coach and a catalyst to change through a process that mirrors wraparound. The WPM is ethical, holds a deep belief in the fidelity of the wraparound process, and prioritizes actions based on the best interests of the youth and families served.  This brand new 300+ page textbook describes the process and 12 functions for the Wraparound Process Mentor and includes the textbook, training exercises, and certification materials.

Available starting Late Winter 2016

The High Fidelity Wraparound Supervisor Textbook

Look for the brand new supervisor textbook early 2017.

For more information on any of the textbooks, or to place an order, contact us or email dee@vroonvdb.com

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