Wraparound Training DVDs

High Fidelity Wraparound: Mariam’s Family

Vroon VDB LLC has produced a new set of seven professionally filmed DVD examples of wraparound practice, done according the standards of the National Wraparound Initiative. The wraparound staff in the DVDs illustrate the VVDB Action Steps of high fidelity wraparound.

This new DVD set shows the wraparound experience of a fictional family with complex behavioral health and other needs as they navigate the seven core meetings of the wraparound process.

The DVDs are designed to be used with the coaching and training workbooks and coaching and training manuals as part of a comprehensive coaching and training effort.

Cast of Characters
  • Mariam, a divorced, single mother
  • Anthony, Mariam’s ex-husband
  • Tisha, a 2 1/2-year-old with high levels of behavioral health needs
  • AJ, a 15-year-old youth with behavioral health needs who is involved with juvenile justice and the school
  • The Wraparound Facilitator (Laurie) is facilitating wraparound for a number of families
  • The Family Support Partner (Edie) is a graduate of wraparound

Overview of the Family Scenario

MariamMOTHER: Mariam, the head of the family is a divorced and currently unemployed mother, Mariam. Mariam was pregnant from a one night stand when she met Anthony. They married before the baby was born and named the baby Anthony, Jr. (AJ).  Mariam, who is African American, and Anthony, Sr. were divorced after 13 years of marriage. They divorced just before Tisha, the youngest child, was born. Mariam knows her overall needs and wants to keep her family together. She knows that child welfare referred her to wraparound, but she is reluctant to accept the process and have a team. She is in a shaky recovery from alcohol addiction.

dad_anthonyDAD: Anthony, Sr.  The head of the family is a divorced and currently unemployed mother, Mariam. Mariam was pregnant from a one night stand when she met Anthony. They married before the baby was born and named the baby Anthony, Jr. (AJ).



daughter_tishaDAUGHTER: Tisha  The young girl, Tisha, age 2 1/2 , has some significant early mental health issues, consisting of diagnosed ADHD and has very high anxiety. She is challenging to parent, is not yet completely toilet trained, and is unable to be out of direct physical contact with her mother for over a few seconds. Tisha was briefly in child care when Mariam was in job training, but three straight child care centers were unable to handle her behaviors. Mariam then dropped out of job training to take care of Tisha. Child welfare took custody of Tisha due to physical abuse by Mariam, but has referred the family to wraparound rather than remove her from the home.

son_ajSON: Anthony, Jr. (AJ) Anthony, Jr. (AJ), age 15, has major behavioral problems and has had some significant involvement with Juvenile Justice. He is currently on probation for assault of another youth and has been in many fights. Anthony is in regular education. He has had drug use consisting of frequent alcohol use, marijuana, and has tried, but is not addicted to, cocaine. He is at risk of permanent expulsion from school due to fighting. He has a good relationship with a therapist who has helped him adjust to the divorce. Many of his issues began shortly after the divorce and the birth of his little sister, Tisha. His major social outlet is with his friends on the street, and a cousin, Nyrell, whom he hangs out with.

systemsSEVEN SYSTEMS INVOLVED  Child welfare, juvenile justice, early childhood health services, early childhood behavioral health, school, adult and youth behavioral health, are all involved with this family.



natural_supportsNATURAL SUPPORTS  Mariam has a sister in the area. Mariam is completely opposed to her sister’s involvement on the wraparound team, as they have had historical conflict where Mariam felt that she was blamed by her sister. Mariam has one close friend, who only recently got into recovery. Mariam reluctantly tells the wraparound staff that she sees her friend weekly and that she shares child care with her friend.


Pricing for DVD Sets:
  • 1-2 sets ~ $500 each
  • 3-5 sets ~ $400 each
  • 6+ sets ~ $300 each

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