Strides in Wraparound Quality: Including Youth Support Partners

Thanks to the tireless efforts of practitioners and researchers around the country and the world, wraparound gets better every year. We know more about what works, we understand why it works a little better, and we learn what kinds of structures and variations will support or hinder best practices.

One idea that is definitely the future of High Fidelity Wraparound is to have Youth Support Partners (YSP) available for every child who wants/needs them. YSP’s do for youths what Family Support Partners do for parents and families. In the process, they increase youth engagement, youth voice, and long term youth success.

YSP’s have seven major functions, broken down into 105 specific action steps:

YSP 7 Functions

You can see from this list that a successful YSP can make a huge impact on the life of a youth in wraparound. Do you have any experience with YSP’s? How have they impacted your programs and families?

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