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The MiiWrap Mindset Part 1

Have you ever been concerned that the principles of wraparound are not consistently implemented? Do you worry that staff focus on the activities to the detriment of both the principles and the theory of change?

Wraparound was articulated as principles, phases and activities, and a theory of change as three related but separate concepts.  Motivational interviewing began with relational skills, technical skills, and two processes.  As research accumulated, Miller & Rollnick (2013) revised their basic structure for motivational interviewing to include an overarching mindset that follows throughout the skills and processes.  It is time for wraparound to take a similar step as we propose in the mindset of MiiWrap.

MiiWrap is more than a set of skills that we use when working with people, but is a way of being with the individuals we serve.  It is the basis of every conversation, every action, and every thought that we have regarding them. In a sense, it is like putting on a new pair of glasses and changing the way we see things.

Our MiiWrap Mindset is how we believe in the people we serve, it is about our relationship with them, it is about our role in the process and how we view the “team” who supports the family. It is our compassionate belief in the absolute worth of each person and the belief each person can make positive changes in their lives. It is how we view them with empathy, compassion, and acceptance.

Our relationship with them is a collaborative relationship in which we each have defined roles.  It is our understanding of our role as a guide and evocator to increase their self-motivation and self-efficacy to make changes they identify, in ways that work for them.  It is the acknowledgement that a team-based approach will be more effective and efficient than working in a silo.  It is the belief that supporting purposeful transition will enable them to sustain gains and manage new change processes.   As we become the mindset, each MiiWrap Staff learns and grows with every person and family they serve to be better at guiding the next.

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