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Vroon VanDenBerg provides a range of trainings related to wraparound implementation. Click on one of the following topics to learn more about specific training:

Community Orientation

Wraparound needs a broad base of community support. VVDB staff can do high quality community orientations to wraparound, but also can support local trainers who learn proven techniques of helping your community understand wraparound and the ways the process can improve the lives of children with complex needs and their families. As local trainers become expert at presenting brief community orientations, your local efforts will develop the broad base needed not only to have community support for wraparound, but also to bring the principles of wraparound to all service agencies and schools.

Practical Utilization-Focused
Evaluation for Local Systems of Care

This 4-day training provides evaluators and supervisors with the tools and strategies to develop local evaluation teams, develop utilization focused evaluations of the process and fidelity of implementation of wraparound, do community needs assessments, support ongoing system and wraparound development, and to monitor staff performance and child and family progress and outcomes.

Gathering information on the quality of the services and supports in the community can help families to select those services that meet basic values and work. It can also be the basis for staff and community training and professional development plans. In addition, utilization focused evaluation can gather and distribute information to build public support for successful programs and services and thus directly influence the sustainability of these programs and supports. Click here for longer description.

Community Leadership
Orientation & Planning

Every successful wraparound community has strong leadership willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the implementation of the process. VVDB staff can come to your site and orient leadership to the reasons why wraparound is a positive innovation for their community, and also mentor local trainers to do ongoing support of community leadership. Community leaders must understand the crucial infrastructure of funding, competent staff, and community support which accompanies successful implementation of the process.

Advanced Workshops

As the local wraparound staff become more competent at the delivery of the wraparound process, they need more advanced training, or "401" level training. VVDB has developed a series of nine brief PowerPoint-based trainings on delivery of high fidelity wraparound when dealing with key problem behaviors, such as firesetting, running away, aggression, and other behaviors. VVDB staff not only deliver these trainings, but also teach local trainers to deliver these highly interactive 2- to 4-hour trainings.

In addition, VVDB currently offers more than 50 advanced training topics that can be done in single full day trainings or combined to provide multiple topics in a single day. Contact us for a list of topics and to discuss these workshops.

Foundations of Wraparound for
Implementers of Wraparound

This comprehensive training curriculum covers the core skills of implementing high fidelity wraparound. VVDB has developed and tested this "101" level curriculum which supports wraparound implementers to both understand wraparound principles and to practice the core action steps of the process. The training is based on the VVDB training manual Foundations of High Fidelity Wraparound. Training is done for all staff positions at the same time so that each understands the others roles and how they work together to support youth and families. The training for each staff person includes completion of workbooks that are individualized to the specific wraparound staff roles. VVDB staff can directly train the Foundations of Wraparound Curriculum, but also can train local trainers to administer the training. This training is in 4- or 6-day versions, depending on community development and need. These trainings are linked to wraparound certification.

Community Team
Development Training

Successful wraparound communities have been able to move beyond collaboration to true integration of services and supports. Often, the local team that leads this movement is referred to as a Community Team. Ideally, a community would bring representatives from several different agencies and organizations, and a parent and youth. Inclusion of parents and youth in the process is so important for the eventual success of these efforts that we will waive the fees for parents and youth. VVDB delivers this training in workshop format and also teaches local trainers to deliver the trainings. Click here for longer description.

Orientation to Wraparound to
Develop Good Team Members

Wraparound is a team-based process that integrates all of the services and supports provided for a youth and family. VVDB offers a four-hour and full-day training for people who are not providing wraparound but may serve on wraparound teams. This training provides an overview to wraparound, information on how being involved in wraparound can help service providers from many different areas be more successful in their work with families, and describe how the VVDB Theory of Change can help other providers engage and support youth and families to long term success. The training discusses the culture of different agencies and providers and how this is brought together through the unified wraparound process.

Training on Innovative
Residential Services

Use of residential treatment in the U.S. is declining in part due to the lack of individualization and poor generalization of learned skills from the residential to the community environment. This highly interactive 1- or 2-day training is a "101"-level course on re-shaping residential to brief, intensive supports tied to the wraparound process. The course is taught by VVDB staff who are former executive directors of highly innovative residential centers.

Training for Coaching &
Supervising Wraparound

Development of highly skilled wraparound staff involves both training and coaching. This 3-day wraparound coach and supervisor training introduces experienced wraparound staff and supervisors to the details of effective coaching and supervision for facilitators and family support partners in the implementation of high fidelity wraparound. The curriculum focuses on a competency-based process for supporting these staff to provide fidelity wraparound as quickly as possible. Participants who successfully complete the 3-day course will be able to enroll in a credentialing process through which they demonstrate the fundamental coaching skills and use VVDB videos and curriculum to train and credential wraparound facilitators. This training is a required part of the VVDB Coach Certification. Click here for more details on Coaching & Supervising Wraparound Training.

Training on Re-entry for
Adult Offenders

VVDB has pioneered the use of the high fidelity wraparound process for use as a re-entry strategy for adult offenders leaving prison. This 1- or 2- day training is designed to give corrections officials and staff a detailed overview of what it takes to implement a strengths-based, offender-driven, individualized approach to re-entry. This training includes results of recent research conducted on the use of wraparound in prison environments and the steps of use of the process in this environment.

Training for Wraparound Trainers

Successful state, regional, and local wraparound efforts must develop their own competent trainers. VVDB has proven and tested methods of helping new trainers learn the basic structure of the VVDB 4- and 6-day curriculums, and to deliver competent orientations to the process.

This 3-day training is a required part of the VVDB wraparound trainer certification program. In many parts of the US and Canada, VVDB certified trainers are leading their community's wraparound training. This has led to higher quality training and coaching, which research shows leads to improved clinical outcomes for children with complex needs and their families. This training is taught by two of the leading wraparound trainers and wraparound pioneers: Drs. John VanDenBerg and Jim Rast. The days are highly interactive and fast-paced, with trainees rapidly gaining defined and measurable skills in training methods and providing brief orientations on High Fidelity Wraparound to different audiences and systems. All participants get complementary copies of the new Wraparound Foundations textbook, the Wraparound Trainer and Coaches Guide, and the core workbooks for wraparound facilitators and family support partners. Participants get a discount on the new DVD training series.

Training on Faith-based Wraparound

There is a natural "fit" between the goals of community faith-based organizations and the wraparound process. In the current economy, societal demands of the resources of faith-based organizations is at an all time high. This one or two day course covers the steps of using high fidelity wraparound in a congregational environment, to support congregation members and nearby community members. The course is taught by VVDB staff with direct experience implementing the process in their own faith communities.

Training for Staff to
Train New Coaches

During the last six years, VVDB has not allowed anyone other than VVDB staff to certify new coaches. As of June 2011, this is changing. VVDB, with this 3-day training and follow up requirements, is supporting what we call "Certifying Coaches" who have the skills and permission to certify other wraparound coaches into the national VVDB database. Many sites refer to this person as a "SuperCoach."

This training is an enjoyable, highly interactive training, for currently certified High Fidelity Wraparound Coaches (or experienced coaches with VVDB permission). Located in one of the most beautiful training facilities in the U.S., the training is a "must" for any community wanting to completely manage their own certification, independent of consultants or outside organizations.

Strengths-Based Culturally
Competent Supervision

Communities who have committed, competent supervisors have strong community services. However, we often don't truly train our supervisors in vital techniques of using strengths-based, culturally competent, highly individualized supervision. This VVDB workshop is aimed at not just wraparound supervisors, but also the broader group of human services and education supervisors. Click here for longer description.