What Do Coaches Do?

There are just a few spots left for our next national Coaching Workshop on November 16 – November 19, 2015, in beautiful Red Rocks, Colorado. We all know that coaches are important, but what exactly can a good, certified coach do? A lot – here are some examples directly from our Coaching curriculum:

  • Ensure that the agency is providing high fidelity, best practices wraparound, including.
  • Develop a process for selecting the right people to provide wraparound. Picking the right staff can be very important to continuity, overall staff satisfaction, and resource management.
  • Provide high quality initial orientation and one-on-one small group training or larger group training for new staff. This negates the need for outside trainers or expensive workshops, and gets all new staff started the right way as soon as possible.
  • Use shadowing, behavioral rehearsals, and live coaching to help staff reach and maintain fidelity quickly.
  • Do ongoing assessment of staff learning and wraparound style professional development plans.
  • Help create and grow a learning organization.
  • Create a peer-to-peer learning system that harnesses the sharing that is already happening.

Having good internal coaches can make a system work in a self-sustainable way. This workshop teaches the tools you need to be the kind of coach who makes a difference in your agency.  This 4-day wraparound coach training teaches a competency-based process for supporting staff to provide high fidelity wraparound.

You can read more about it, as well as register, here.

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