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When you are out of ideas…Wouldn’t it be great if the people you work with made their own arguments for change?

I worked with a family that had been through years of traditional services with little or no success. When the strategy of Evokingwas used, the youth began to come up with ideas that amazed everyone in the room.  He understood the problem but had incredible insight into the solutions when given the opportunity.

One of the Behavior Change strategies of MiiWrap is Evoking.  It is getting the person to talk about their situation, consider possible solutions, then begin to make decisions about how they will make changes.

Traditionally we would try to convince a person through information and persuasion of the benefits of making a change. And then come up with a prescriptive plan of how they should go about making the changes.  Evoking is the drawing out from the person of reasons and ways that they think need changing, and ways that they think would work for them. This process not only honors the individual or family but also allows us to hear things from their perspective.

One of the advantages of Evoking is that the person will come up with ideas that we have never considered.   We have heard a level of individuality and creativity over the years to address needs that we never would have come up by ourselves.

The second great thing about evoking is it gets the person to make the statement about change.  MiiWrap loves the Mindset of “If I said it, and no one made me say it… I will most likely do it!”

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