Wraparound can do things we haven’t even thought of yet

Wraparound as a model started to meet a specific need: kids with intense mental and behavioral health needs had to be removed from their communities to be treated. As a model, we have taken great strides towards keeping more kids at home, while increasing their outcomes on almost every metric.

But wraparound is not just for kids. Of the dozens of creative ways Wraparound Services are making a difference, I want to highlight a few we have worked with recently:

  • Wraparound is being used at several sites around the country to help homeless people get off the streets for good.
  • Wraparound has helped hundreds and maybe thousands of prisoners keep from re-offending and re-entering the system.
  • Wraparound helps transitional age youths who are aging out of care start their lives successfully. This is no small feat, given that this group has some of the worst outcomes of any group in the US.
  • Wraparound is being piloted to help sex workers get off the streets and reintegrated into the community.
  • Wraparound has helped high risk moms and dads keep their families together before a real problem emerged.

Wraparound can help many, many more groups of people – and often much less invasively and expensively that the services they will end up with if they are left without help. The problem is that people often don’t think about wraparound when they are faced with non-child/family specific problems.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a story on the radio, or read an article about a problem, and thought “obviously they need wraparound.” Do you have a situation like that? Are you trying to figure out how to help a group with a complex set of needs that there is no simple solution for? If they need individual skill building, community support, and individualized solutions, then wraparound might be the ticket.

We at Vroon VDB are always happy to hear about your unique population and circumstances, and help you decide if wraparound might be a good fit. We have helped hundreds of programs start new kinds of wraparound to meet their specific needs. We would be excited to talk to you.

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