After a hard season of being apart, we were so excited to have our first live coaching workshop since 2019.  We invited a core group of committed wraparound coaches who wanted to become certified MiiWrap coaches to come up to Red Rocks and learn with us.

The workshop focused on how to coach with our new LMS, as well as common problem points to get ahead of when training wraparound staff to do MiiWrap.  Each session started with learning a new set of information and skills. Then we did a practical activity with it (like design a training scope and sequence for you staff back home, or practice finding everything in the LMS). We rounded each topic up with a debriefing discussion. Here are the topics we covered:

  1. Introduction to the eLearning and the Coach Marketplace
  2. Supplemental Coaching Topic: Reflective Listening and Change Talk
  3. Using the LMS as a Coach
  4. Supplemental Coaching Topic: Mindset, Theory of Change, and Guiding
  5. Observational learning with the eLearning Modules
  6. Supplemental Coaching Topic: Purposeful Transition and the TA Tool
  7. Debriefing Modules
  8. Putting it All Together

We loved having everyone together and got so many good ideas for how to grow our learning community.  We never fail to be impressed with the quality of our coaches and their ideas for advancing MiiWrap learning and practice.

Now this is the part where I tell you how good the workshop was, which is a little awkward since I helped create it. Luckily, the fabulous Alex (who was there as a participant), sent us a very nice email doing exactly that on her way home. Here is an excerpt:

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you again for the workshop. The two days were SO helpful and productive. Lisa and I both left feeling motivated and excited to take the next steps in the coaching process. I thought that the workshop was organized and well thought out. Every minute of our time felt useful and meaningful. I don’t think I have ever said that about a training LOL. I am taking so much away from the experience, and it was SO nice to connect in person with both of you and the members of our little learning group. 

It’s beyond impressive to see all that was put into the LMS. I am grateful for the work that was put into it so that mostly everything I need is right there! It feels like exactly what was needed to make MiiWrap possible at Riverside.”

Alex Pradas

There you go – best workshop ever. But seriously, it was so wonderful to be together again. For those of our coaches who couldn’t make this round, we hope you will join us for our next in person or virtual coaching workshop.