Our Next Coaching Workshop is Coming – Are You?

As you may know, we at VVDB have been working hard for the past several years on developing MiiWrap as an evidence-informed practice, and then figuring out how to most effectively train people to do it with fidelity.  Over 10 years ago, John and I decided that eLearning was the most accessible and scalable option. Brittany and I have been creating, developing, testing, and refining ever since, and introduced the first fully functional eLearning experience with Motivational Interviewing MiiWrap in 2020. 

Since that time, we (and the coaches we have trained) have trained 23 coaches and 42 staff through the eLearning process. Why so many coaches up front? Because coaching is where the magic happens. It is the most important way to develop and maintain high fidelity MiiWrap that results in sustained outcomes for youth and families. Plus, once a site has their own certified coach(es), they can train all of their staff through our eLearning program themselves.

Becoming a certified MiiWrap coach is a pretty straight-forward process, but it does take some work. There are five steps in becoming a certified MiiWrap Coach.

  1. First you complete the Foundations of MiiWrap eLearning course
  2. Complete the Coach Training (four-day live training which includes item 4, or 6 virtual sessions)
  3. Complete coach certification process by demonstrating the skills to coach staff
  4. Complete a four-session course in using the Learning Management System
  5. Coach two students or a group of students through the eLearning under supervision

Staff who are currently certified as VVDB wraparound coaches will receive credit for completing steps 2 and 3 and will need to do steps 1, 4 and 5.

As we mentioned, we are strong believers in the critical importance of coaching to training transfer. So far, VVDB has trained 23 wraparound coaches across North America to be innovators of MiiWrap and use the VVDB eLearning curriculum to train and coach staff to provide high fidelity MiiWrap. 

These coaches obtained access to a variety of supplemental materials that will support their activities including group and individual activities to provide further coaching in critical areas of MiiWrap, links to videos and podcasts to use for individual and group coaching, and debriefing guides and expected answers for all essay and shadowing experiences. 

One of our core beliefs is in the need for continuous research and improvement to any service or training process. This means we create top quality programs, but it also means it is hard to know when to release your work to the general public. After much real-world testing and deliberation, we decided it is time.

23 amazing coaches is a start, but it won’t create the kind of impact we are going for. That is why we have decided to throw open the gates and see who else is ready to rise to the challenge of implementing MiiWrap at their site.  VVDB is currently seeking additional wraparound coaches for the second wave of MiiWrap early adoption.

To show you that we are in this process with you, we will offer these individuals the $1500 five-part coach certification process for $1000.  The deadline for applying for these slots is 12-01-21.

To apply, email jim@vroonvdb.com. Use “Coach Application” as the subject line, and be sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name, agency, and position
  2. How much Wraparound experience you have, and who trained you
  3. Are you currently a coach, a supervisor, or both?
  4. Describe your past and current coaching and supervising experience
  5. Why are you interested in MiiWrap?