We have a number of open trainings scheduled for this Spring and Summer including:

VVDB Presents:  Coaching & Supervising MiiWrap

When:  May 19 – 22, 2020

This workshop has been postponed until late summer or early fall 2020

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Where: Red Rocks Visitors Center Rock Room, Morrison Colorado

Food: Lunch and snacks are provided

Cost: $750 per person with 15% discount for groups of 3 or more

Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap) is an evidence-based practice that integrates the Principles and Activities of Wraparound with the Mindset, Relational and Behavior Change Communication Skills and Processes of Motivational Interviewing into a more dynamic and successful process.  The 4-day coach and supervisor training introduce experienced Wraparound and/or MiiWrap staff and supervisors to the details of effective coaching, training and supervision for staff in the implementation of high fidelity MiiWrap. The curriculum focuses on a competency-based process for supporting these staff to provide fidelity MiiWrap as quickly as possible and continually improve their skills and outcomes. The curriculum has five primary sections:

  • The first section provides an overview and defines the important enhancements added as the resulted of integrating Wraparound and Motivational Interviewing into MiiWrap
  • The second section examines the role of the coach and strategies to increase staff engagement and motivation through coaching
  • The third section examines the process of effectively training and teaching staff the MiiWrap process and includes strategies for teaching staff new to the process and enhancing the skills of staff already providing high fidelity wraparound. This section addresses strategies for training and concurrent strategies for shifting the Mindset of staff toward consistent use of Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance and Evocation.  Sample training materials are provided
  • The fourth section includes specific strategies for hands-on learning experiences including shadowing, behavioral rehearsal, live coaching, and consultation.
  • The fifth section provides strategies for creating and improving a group learning environment including group coaching, forming a learning organization and peer to peer learning.
  • The final section teaches the student coach skills for supporting staff development and doing the credentialing and certification process for MiiWrap staff.

The training takes the students through the enhanced process and includes practice solving these common problems and other challenges identified by the students themselves.  This training gives current staff a whole new set of tools to be more effective guiding the MiiWrap process.

For more information on MiiWrap, visit https://www.vroonvdb.com/about-miiwrap/. 


Dr. Jim Rast, President Vroon VDB LLC

Dr. Rast has more than 35 years of experience in various settings in human service and healthcare organizations. He has been working with children and families in community-based settings for over 30 years, developing individualized services and systems to support these services. Jim has extensive skills in evaluation, continuous quality improvement, as well as developing and implementing community-based collaborative human services. Jim has developed and trained teams to implement High Fidelity Wraparound in several states and has integrated Motivational Interviewing and High-Fidelity Wraparound together to offer the more enhanced and effective service of MiiWrap.


Sharon Weber, Senior Clinical Trainer Magellan Healthcare Wyoming

Sharon Weber serves as the trainer-coach for Magellan the Wyoming Care Management Entity. Sharon lives in Laramie, Wyoming and comes to Magellan from Cathedral Home for Children, where she served as community programs director and in many other positions for the past 26 years. Sharon has spearheaded efforts with landmark implications in areas such as peer mediation and improved graduation rates. Her advocacy for children and families has extended to the Wyoming legislature. Sharon has achieved credentialing as a High-Fidelity Wraparound facilitator, trainer, coach and Wraparound process mentor. She is employing her diverse skills, leadership and fervent passion to advance best practices throughout the state to improve the lives of youth and their families in Wyoming and is leading the effort to implement MiiWrap statewide in Wyoming.


Foundations of MiiWrap (4 Day) ………….. Summer 2020 Red Rocks


Advanced Wrap (MiiWrap) (3 Day) ……….. Summer 2020 Red Rocks


WPM Training ……………………………………….. Fall 2020 Red Rocks


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