MiiWrap as an Evidenced Based Practice

MiiWrap is the integration of the two evidenced based practices (EBP) Motivational Interviewing and Wraparound.  Both are based on years of experience and multiple research studies.  SAMHSA refers to the process of integrating one EBP into another as “informing” and the combined process retains the EBP of the two original processes.  SAMHSA calls this “informing”, thus the name Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap).  Retaining the essential components of the original EBPs, MiiWrap is considered EBP by default.

Since the phrase “Evidenced Based Practice (EBP)” emerged into the field of social services over forty years ago, there has been significant debate on the definition.  Overall it means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.” (Sackett D, 1996.)  It is the use of evidence to identify the potential benefits, harms and costs of any intervention. It also recognizes that what works in one context may not be appropriate in another. MiiWrap meets this definition including multiple benefits to the individual, the family, and to the community.

Ultimately, we need to address several critical questions when considering MiiWrap as an EBP.  They are:

  • Does it work? Both models have decades of solid research behind them supporting their evidence for producing positive outcomes and currently ongoing evaluation of the combined process is finding even better outcomes.
  • Under what conditions does it work? Both Wraparound and Motivational Interviewing have decades of research demonstrating improved outcomes when they are delivered with fidelity to the model.  As with all EBP’s, MiiWrap works when it is delivered correctly.   MiiWrap has its own Fidelity Tool to assure that the model is being delivered in a manner that predicts positive outcomes. We believe that the evolution of Wraparound into MiiWrap has clarified and in many ways simplified the delivery to make it more “doable.”
  • What populations does it work for? MiiWrap has demonstrated use with a large variety of populations that have complex needs.
  • Will it work in my community? Yes, we have full confidence that working together you will have a successfully implemented MiiWrap model in your community. VVDB is committed to assisting agencies and communities to assure that training, coaching and sustainability of MiiWrap are considered from the outset.

We believe that there is no better EBP available today to meet the needs of individuals and families with complex needs than MiiWrap.