MiiWrap eLearning Program

The program takes a hybrid approach, with online, book, and remote coach debriefing components. The online component overviews MiiWrap skills, provides opportunity for practice, and includes shadowing videos of staff doing MiiWrap to support visual learners. This is supplemented by the MiiWrap Foundations textbook. All of this is reinforced by weekly virtual coaching to review material and provide feedback on techniques used during practice. Read more about the design of the course from our blog.

The Vroon VDB Foundations of MiiWrap eLearning Program is a twenty-module multi-modal training curriculum to teach a working use of MiiWrap. Students are guided through the course by a coach from their organization or one from the coach marketplace. Each Module will include:

  1. A short training video to each of the components of the module
  2. Reading assignments (Foundations of MiiWrap Chapters)
  3. Computer scored tests to assess student’s understanding before moving forward
  4. Shadowing experiences following a family through MiiWrap to be observe the components of the module
  5. Short essay questions to assess the student’s ability to apply the materials
  6. Activity/behavioral rehearsal to demonstrate functional use of materials of each module
  7. Structured debriefing led by a certified coach

Supplemental materials are available for each module for coaches to address common challenges to mastering MiiWrap

Module Outline

  1. Introduction to the course and Overview to MiiWrap
  2. Behavior change and change talk
  3. MiiWrap theory of change, Mindset and Spirit
  4. Engagement and collaborative partnership
  5. Supporting and guiding behavior change
  6. Initially meeting and engaging the youth and family
  7. Crisis Stabilization
  8. Building an empathetic relationship through discovery
  9. SNCD ingredients and gathering information from others
  10. Developing focus through the SNCD
  11. Behavioral Exploration
  12. Preparing the family for team supported planning
  13. Engaging and preparing the team
  14. MiiWrap initial team-supported planning
  15. MiiWrap follow-up planning
  16. Prevention focused behavior reduction and crisis plans
  17. Implementation support and transferring control
  18. Implementation management and refocusing
  19. Strengthening and sustaining support
  20. Transition