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We are Vroon VDB

Vroon VDB LLC is a wraparound and MiiWrap training, coaching, and consultation company that is dedicated to supporting improved access to high fidelity wraparound and MiiWrap for individuals and families across North America. To accomplish this, VVDB supports the development, quality improvement, and continual innovation of the wraparound process. Vroon VDB pioneered the individualization of the wraparound process for multiple populations of individuals including children with SED and their families, very young children and their families, children in state custody, transition age youth, youth in residential care, homeless youth and adults, adult prisoners, and the elderly.

Interesting in learning more about Vroon VDB? In this section you will find information about the 20 year history of our company, our mission and values, our current and emeritus staff members, and our experience and testimonials about our work. Don’t forget to check out our blog to see our latest thoughts on the changing face of MiiWrap, and our products and services page to see exactly what we offer. We hope to hear from you soon.

Vroon VDB Team

The History of Vroon VDB

Vroon VDB started in 1999 when Wraparound experts Jim Rast and John VanDenBerg got together with the goal of improving systems of care for families with complex needs. They taught, researched, and improved Wraparound for 15 years. Development of MiiWrap began in 2015 to address problems with engagement found in some Wraparound families. Vroon VDB now teaches MiiWrap to organizations across North America. 

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Who is Vroon VDB

James Rast

President and CEO
As a system of care, wraparound, and human services research consultant, Dr. Rast has extensive experience in developing programs, systems, program evaluation strategies and tools to assess community-based service implementation.
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Brittany Rastsmith

Brittany Rastsmith

Executive Vice President of Learning and Development
Brittany has extensive experience in training development and management, and created the e-learning courses for MiiWrap.
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Jessica Rast

Director of Research
Jessica focuses on measuring the effectiveness of MiiWrap in improving communities and the organizations that serve them, shepherding a process of continual improvement.
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Dee Rast

Denise Rast

Office and Business Manager
Denise coordinates logistics for company workshops, directs orders and communications, and does whatever it takes to keep Vroon VDB running smoothly.
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Mission and Values

Vroon VDB’s mission is to support communities in establishing, sustaining, and improving high fidelity MiiWrap, through use of state of the art materials, training, coaching, and consultation. MiiWrap offers the most recent and dynamic approach that we have seen in our decades of working with youth, families and communities.

Vroon VDB knows that high quality MiiWrap is strengths-based, culturally sensitive, highly individualized, and focused on teaching the people served to solve their own problems in their own ways with their own support systems. We believe people are experts in their own lives, as are organizations in their communities. Therefore, MiiWrap is continually improving based on real-world implementation, and Vroon VDB strives to support continual improvement in individuals and organizations. Bettering our programs and the communities we serve is our guiding principle. 


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