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About Us

Vroon VDB TeamVroon VDB LLC is a wraparound and MiiWrap training, coaching, and consultation company that is dedicated to supporting improved access to high fidelity wraparound and MiiWrap for individuals and families across North America.  To accomplish this, VVDB supports the development, quality improvement, and continual innovation of the wraparound process.  Vroon VDB has pioneered the individualization of the wraparound process for multiple populations of individuals including children with SED and their families, very young children and their families, children in state custody, transition age youth, youth in residential care, homeless youth and adults, adult prisoners, and the elderly.

Interesting in learning more about Vroon VDB? In this section you will find information about the 14 year history of our company, our mission and values, our current and emeritus staff members, and our experience and testimonials about our work.  Don’t forget to check out our wraparound innovations section to see our latest thoughts on the changing face of wraparound, and our products and services page to see exactly what we offer. We hope to hear from you soon.

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