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Vroon VDB LLC (VVDB) was the leading wraparound training, coaching, and consulting company dedicated to supporting improved access to high fidelity wraparound for individuals and families across North America. VVDB supports the development, quality improvement, and continual innovation of the wraparound and MiiWrap processes. VVDB has pioneered the individualization of the wraparound process across the country, helping programs meet the needs of their specialized populations. VVDB has done extensive implementation research to improve the process. We have recently developed our newest model, MiiWrap which we are tremendously excited about. It takes the essential aspects of each evidenced-based practice, and integrates them into a more powerful and synergized process for helping individuals and families. Take a look at the blogs by VVDB on Wraparound and MiiWrap innovations, and join in the discussion through one of the social media outlets. Also, take a look around our website and see what you can learn and what we can do for you

What we do at Vroon VDB

Our primary goal is to support access to “good” MiiWrap to all children, families, or individuals who need and want it.

Development of MiiWrap

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Meet Vroon VDB

James Rast

President and CEO
Jim is the mastermind behind MiiWrap. His years of Wraparound training and research called him to add to usual practice. MiiWrap addresses gaps he saw in Wraparound that made success elusive for some families.
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Brittany Rastsmith

Brittany Rastsmith

Executive VP of Learning and Development
Brittany is in charge of developing and implementing the learning curriculum for MiiWrap. A big part of this is the online curriculum that makes MiiWrap accessible to more organizations than ever.
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Dee Rast

Denise Rast

Office and Business Manager
Denise manages the daily tasks of running Vroon VDB and the team. She interacts with clients and makes sure everything is running smoothly.
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