MiiWrap Process Mentor

The Vroon VDB MiiWrap Process Mentor (WPM) is a certified professional who has demonstrated the knowledge and skills to motivate and support staff, agencies and communities to implement and continually improve the MiiWrap process and related systems of care.  The WPM supports staff, agencies, and communities as a consultant, coach, and a catalyst to change through a process that mirrors MiiWrap. The WPM is ethical, holds a deep belief in the fidelity of the MiiWrap process, and prioritizes actions based on the best interests of the youth and families served. The coach consultant is an expert in all aspects of MiiWrap and thus can provide many different types and levels of support to help staff and programs become better at MiiWrap and improve systems of care implementation.  The WPM is a trainer, coach, and consultant who supports and motivates MiiWrap staff, coaches, supervisors, MiiWrap program agencies, and system of care teams to develop and continually improve and innovate MiiWrap fidelity and support and outcomes for children and families.  The WPM supports local assessment of strengths, culture, and needs at each level (e.g. staff, agency, and system of care).

The MiiWrap Process mentor training has eight sections

  1. Overview to the Roles and Functions of WPMs
  2. Consultant to agencies providing MiiWrap
  3. Training and Supporting MiiWrap Coaches
  4. Championing and managing staff development and certification systems
  5. Advisor on improving collaboration and integration across services in the System of Care
  6. Developing and Supporting MiiWrap Learning Organizations
  7. Becoming a Fidelity and Outcomes specialist and champion
  8. Understanding the financing of MiiWrap