Mindset & Principles

MiiWrap is the next evolution of wraparound with foundations in the process and principles of wraparound and the beliefs and communication style of motivational interviewing. The “informed” process adds fundamental improvements that will significantly help families, staff and communities.

The MiiWrap Mindset that puts words to the culture of serving others that all staff strive to create.  The Mindset is an integrated view of service that guides MiiWrap training, practice, coaching and supervision. The MiiWrap principles enhance current wraparound principles to define how services are provided.

The MiiWrap Mindset defines our view of the people we work with, the collaborative working partnership that describes our shared roles, our role in guiding the process and the role of others (team members) in supporting the youth and family through the behavior change process.

  • We view the people we work with nonjudgmental empathy and acceptance. We believe that change comes from self-motivation and self-efficacy and thus self-determined change is most effective and enduring.  We believe that all people despite history and level of challenge are capable of positive behavior change.
  • Behavior change is best accomplished when staff and youth and families work in a collaborative partnership. A collaborative partnership recognizes that sustainable change comes from the individual’s self-motivation and self-efficacy.  This means goals and strategies are selected by the individual.  A Collaborative Partnership between MiiWrap Staff and the person is based on the point of view and life of the individual or family.  Collaboration helps build the relationship, facilitates trust in the helping relationship and enables effective planning and implementation.
  • The MiiWrap staff actively guide youth and families through the process using their relational and change skills to support the youth and family to successfully complete the MiiWrap process activities without imposing their own values, goals and solutions.
  • The fourth component of the MiiWrap Mindset is that a team-supported process will result in improved and sustained outcomes. All people are part of human systems. Whether these are family systems or social systems the person is greatly influenced by being part of these systems. Viewing people as part of these systems helps the MiiWrap staff better understand the person and the effect of others on the person’s behavior and behavior change.  Properly selecting and engaging those people chosen by the individual (the team) in the MiiWrap process can lead to increased support and improved outcomes. It is the belief that the team can help support and sustain change.

Family Voice and Choice – behavior change comes from self-motivation and self-efficacy.  Taking the time to non-judgmentally understand the youth and family’s perspectives and motivation and letting them decide on the behavior change to be made and the plans to accomplish this change leads to better and more sustainable behavior change.

Team-Supported – people are influenced by the people in their lives and having these people help them through behavior change leads to better and more sustainable behavior change.

Natural Supports – people do better when supported by extend families, friends, neighbors and others in their social systems.  Strengthening this support and involving it in the behavior change process will improve the future for youth and families.

Collaboration – MiiWrap is a collaborative partnership between the youth, family, staff and team who are helping them.

Community-based – the goals of behavior change are for youth and families to be involved, accepted and valued members of their community.

Culturally Competent – non-judgmental empathy creates a genuine curiosity to understand, accept and develop plans that build on each person’s culture

Individualized – each person and family are unique, and this each plan will be unique

Strength-based – focusing on the strengths and using them to develop plans leads to improved motivation, self-efficacy and outcomes.

Unconditional Care– MiiWrap staff don’t give up on youth or families but try new approaches when initial efforts are not successful

Outcome based-  success is measured by successful and sustained behavior change