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Who Could Benefit from MiiWrap?

MiiWrap is holistic process of engaging individuals and their families with complex needs so that they can live in their own homes and communities and realize their self-determined hopes and dreams. These individuals include those who are involved in multiple systems and have a variety of needs.  They frequently include individuals that are experiencing:

  • mental illness and psychiatric symptoms
  • behavioral challenges
  • criminal behavior and the justice system
  • parenting abuse or neglect or involvement with the child welfare system
  • substance use/abuse
  • school or educational challenges
  • vocational or job challenges
  • housing, including homelessness
  • family functioning


MiiWrap has dynamic communication skills to engage and partner with individual, youth and families, behavior change skills to evoke and strengthen motivation and follow through, and proven behavior change activities to move them through the process of developing focus and plans for successful behavior change.  MiiWrap involves people in the lives of the individual to help support them as they identify their vision and create a plan. This Team-based approach aligns the strengths of the team to the self-identified needs of the person. The MiiWrap Staff use relational communication skills to build engagement and a collaborative working relationship and behavioral change skills to increase motivation and self-efficacy. Together this synergy allows the individual to successfully make and sustain needed behavior change.

MiiWrap works for multiple populations as identified below:

  • Children and youth with behavioral challenges and their families. These are the first people served successfully by wrapround and the addition of the Mindset, relational communication skills and behavior change skills make MiiWrap even more effective with these children and families.  This include families with very young children and parents with behavioral health issues
  • People with Complex needs in the legal system.  From the early days in wraparound, children were often in child welfare custody or juvenile justice detention or probation at the beginning of the process.  With the evolution of MiiWrap we are now more confident in serving these populations successfully. The addition of the relational and change skills improves engagement and motivation for youth and parents who were resistant to high fidelity wraparound and help them make more successful behavior change.
  • Youth in residential care.  When youth are in residential care, many of the dynamics of a team-supported process also change. It is critical that key residential staff be involved in the process. However, the primary goal for these youth is not to do well in residential care, but to move back into the community and to do well there. MiiWrap works to engage and motivate parents and team members to prepare for this successful return and engage the youth in the behavior change to be successful on return.
  • Transition age youth.  As youth reach transition age, whether at home or in residential care, they have more choice over their future. The relational and change skills of MiiWrap can be very effective in engaging them to develop and work toward an independent future.
  • Homeless youth and adults.  MiiWrap works especially well for these individuals because the focus is on engaging them on their own terms, accepting them for their absolute worth, and using the change skills to build the motivation and self-efficacy to become independent.
  • Young women in the sex industry.  A project has been ongoing in Seattle to provide wraparound for young women in the sex industry.  Going to the streets and engaging these young women takes some very innovative engagement strategies and the process involves more surrogate natural supports and fewer providers and current natural supports.

We have worked closely with systems serving all these populations. For more information, contact us.

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