Why MiiWrap Works

Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap) is a team supported process for individuals and families with complex needs.  MiiWrap is an evidenced-based practice that integrates the strengths of Wraparound with those of Motivational Interviewing.  The resulting process works better than high fidelity Wraparound for people with complex needs for the following reasons:

  • Specific relational communication skills to improve engagement for all youth and families that are especially effective for youth and parents that have been historically hard to engage.
  • Specific skills for determining the reasons for and reducing resistance to the MiiWrap process and making successful behavior change
  • Specific skills to evoke and improve motivation to commit to and sustain behavior change
  • A unified and focused Mindset that defines how we provide MiiWrap, updated principles that define our values for the process and a Theory of Change that explains why the process works
  • Behavior change activities that streamline and enhance the Wraparound activities with Motivational Interviewing strategies that define the steps of the process

The combination of the unified focus of the Mindset with the specific relational and behavior change skills improve staff ability to implement the dynamic activities of Wraparound to engage and retain more youth and families and improve outcomes for all