VVDB Philosophy on Training & Coaching

VVDB believes that training and supporting learning is best evaluated by the outcomes wraparound provides for youth and families. A series of studies by various researchers has demonstrated a direct link between fidelity and outcomes. Higher fidelity results in improved outcomes. Fidelity is improved through performance based training that is based on the VVDB theory of change and clearly specifies the action steps in doing wraparound. Training alone does not result in high fidelity wraparound. VVDB believes that training without coaching is not effective. We always follow training with hands-on coaching of wrap staff. Coaching is really about hands-on teaching. To speed the process of transferring control of the process to the local site, coaching focuses on teaching local program supervisors and coaches how to coach through the process of coaching their own staff. VVDB has developed specialized training for these local coaches which begins before staff training and continues until the local coaches have demonstrated the skill to manage and sustain the learning process.

VVDB training is based on the VVDB theory of change and the principles and phases and activities of wraparound as defined by the National Wraparound Initiative. VVDB has defined the phases and activities into Action steps which provide the specific actions for each activity and for the additional responsibilities of the coaches and family and youth support partners. The skill sets are what you do in each activity of the process through the VVDB theory of change lens.

Coaching teaches you the craft knowledge of following the theory of change and doing the action steps well. It is the process of teaching someone to do wraparound by showing them the process, consulting with them on how to use the process, and helping them discover the craft knowledge to do it well.

On-site coaching often includes:

  • Showing someone the process done well,
  • Having them shadow an experienced coach,
  • Having the staff practice the skill and anticipate family reactions (behavioral rehearsal),
  • Watching them do the activity with youth and families and providing strengths-based feedback
  • Providing ongoing consultation.

For many years, VVDB has refused all requests to use training-only models of implementation of High Fidelity Wraparound. Having a coach/mentor to support an ongoing culture of learning completes the process of initial training and supports continual learning and improvement for all staff within a community. To be really effective, these coaching functions need to be readily accessible to sites on an ongoing basis. For sustainability purposes, we think that expert training and coaching has to be turned over to local sites as rapidly as possible. Models which depend on long term relationships with external consultants and trainers are rarely sustained over years and do not foster local responsibility for the process.

With the rapid growth of wraparound and strong national standards for the process, agencies are asking for more tools to use to improve their own wraparound coaching and training. As part of helping agencies at all points in the process become more self-sustaining, we are now offering a line of textbooks. These interactive books include critical information, activities, reflection questions, and more to help staff members meet the requirements of all of our certification processes. These new and versatile tools will help you and your staff provide the best possible wraparound process and are designed to be used in many ways: supervisor/coaches can use them to guide staff step by step through the process, or they can be used in stand-up training mode, or in combination. Our textbooks are designed to be used either in conjunction with VVDB training or consultation or on their own.

Interested in learning more about how Vroon VDB can help your agency or community implement better wraparound and achieve better outcomes for your clients? Check out our standalone products, our training services, our coaching and consultation options, our certification programs, or our upcoming open enrollment workshops.