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If you’ve decided that MiiWrap seems like the best fit for helping build long term success in your community (or if you are thinking it might be), then your next question is probably “how do we learn how to do MiiWrap?” You are in the right place! We have a system for that, and it is wildly effective and efficient. It all starts with the Foundations of MiiWrap course.

Foundations of MiiWrap Course

VVDB has developed and field tested a comprehensive eLearning curriculum to teach Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap). The course includes twenty modules that describe the MiiWrap process and provide an understanding of how the motivational interviewing skills and Mindset guide the staff to better engage and motivate youth and families to achieve their visions through high fidelity MiiWrap. Each module follows a specifically designed learning sequence that helps the learner build real, working knowledge. The specifics vary from module to module, but they all follow a basic pattern:

  • We start with an Overview. Learners are given context for how what they are about to learn fits into what they already know. Then they are presented with a video that highlights the most important new concepts and skills. From there, they read the matching textbook pages to take a deep dive into the new material. The overview wraps up with a quiz to check for comprehension.
  • Next, we have a Shadowing Activity to let learners see the new skills and processes in action, and give them practice identifying various parts. The shadowing videos, scoring sheets, activity prompts, and/or quizzes are baked right into the system with no further creation required from the coach.
  • After that, it is time for learners to practice using their new skills with a Scenario Activity. This helps them develop and refine their skills in a safe place where their coach can provide targeted feedback to improve their proficiency. Our Scenario Activities include behavioral rehearsals, real plays, read and respond scenarios, and documentation scenarios. All the pieces are included in the LMS, and all of it can be done virtually.
  • Finally, we have structured Debriefing Process to help learners turn their new knowledge into accessible working knowledge. The debriefing process starts with a few short essay questions for the learner to answer, exposing their thought processes to the coach. The coach then uses our targeted Coach Debriefing Guide to conduct effective and efficient debriefing sessions.

As you can see, all the components of best practice training are incorporated into a free-standing curriculum that can be used for individuals or small groups. No more creating PowerPoints or multi-day trainings, with all of their logistical headaches. No more requiring coaches to spend all their coaching time being trainers. Just a straightforward system that works, with all the extras you’ll need to make everyone successful.

The Learning Management System

Our Foundations of MiiWrap program is hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS). This has a couple of awesome advantages for learners and coaches. We could write about this for pages, but we will focus on the big four that seem to be of most interest to new programs:

  1. Learners can access the materials any time and any place where they have a computer and internet access. No need to schedule everyone at the same time or make everyone drive in. Just set a due date for each module and let the learners do what works best for them.
  2. Everything is always up to date. We are constantly soliciting and receiving feedback on how our programs can work better. When a new idea emerges (like replacing a particular activity with a more effective one), we upload the new material to the live program. Learners are always getting the newest and the best version.
  3. Coaches have access to an amount of data on each learner that is unprecedented in the history of Wrapround and MiiWrap training – and it is all at your fingertips where ever you are. No one can fly under the radar or fall through the cracks, which means everyone learns to do high fidelity MiiWrap.
  4. Your coaches and learners are automatically creating a thorough and complete record of training accomplished and learning acquired. No frantically looking for paperwork when audit time roles around. The transparency created by the LMS is beneficial at all levels.

“It’s beyond impressive to see all that was put into the LMS. I am grateful for the work that was put into it so that mostly everything I need is right there! It feels like exactly what was needed to make MiiWrap possible at Riverside.” – Alex

Advanced Training and Certification

For coaches, supervisors, or certified MiiWrap facilitators, we offer advanced trainings to help take your career and agency to the next level. These are the Coach Training and the MiiWrap Process Mentor Training.

The coach/trainer curriculum covers the functions of effective coaching, provides specific and detailed training on using the LMS, and includes access to a wide variety of supplemental materials to support the coach in guiding staff to master MiiWrap.  Certified coaches may train their own staff or join the VVDB marketplace to be paid to coach other learners.

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you again for the workshop. The two days were SO helpful and productive. Lisa and I both left feeling motivated and excited to take the next steps in the coaching process. I thought that the workshop was organized and well thought out. Every minute of our time felt useful and meaningful. I don’t think I have ever said that about a training LOL. I am taking so much away from the experience, and it was SO nice to connect in person with both of you and the members of our little learning group. “ – Alex


The MiiWrap Process Mentor training, support and certification prepares certified coaches to train and certify other coaches to use the eLearning system and coach staff in MiiWrap.

If you are interested in learning more, here are some questions that people commonly have at this point: