Why Certification?

Most of the people that you would hire to do skilled work of any kind are certified. Your dentist, your doctor, your plumber, and your accountant are all certified by their respective professional boards. Certification is a systematic and sequential process of learning key skills and action steps and being able to demonstrate one’s ability to perform them. As consumers, we know that someone who is certified has proved their competency in their field. Every evidence-based practice, including MiiWrap, has a process of certification. Certification is done to promote consistency of an evidence-based practice, to prevent practice drift across time, and to document staff competency. Certification is always supported by both training and coaching.

We know that maintaining high fidelity MiiWrap is key to providing quality MiiWrap and producing good outcomes for families. An essential part of providing high fidelity MiiWrap is having certifying all MiiWrap professionals. Research has shown that certification leads to more effective MiiWrap, which leads to better outcomes for families. VVDB developed the first MiiWrap certification for the key jobs of MiiWrap.

At VVDB our certification process is unique because it is based on demonstrating the skills for MiiWrap by actually doing MiiWrap with youth and families.  We defined the skills for MiiWrap certification for each position (MiiWrap Facilitator, Support Partner, MiiWrap Coach, and MiiWrap Process Mentor) based on the Mindset, relational communication skills, behavioral change communication skills and behavior change activities that make up the components of high fidelity MiiWrap.

Having certified professionals filling all your MiiWrap roles is critical to creating a locally self-sustaining MiiWrap system. We offer certifications for MiiWrap Facilitators, Family and Youth Support Partners, MiiWrap Facilitator Coaches, Family and Youth Support Partner Coaches, Supervisors, and MiiWrap Process Mentors.


Building a locally self-sustaining system

In MiiWrap, we certify individual staff, not overall programs. Each staff person is accountable for maintaining the fidelity of the process by learning to do their role effectively. However, agencies who believe in high fidelity MiiWrap can use these individual certifications to build a locally self-sustaining system. Your goal is to create a high quality, high fidelity MiiWrap program that evolves to meet the needs of the community while providing the best possible outcomes for families.  And to do this in a way that doesn’t require outside consulting and training companies to come in every year.  The Vroon VDB certification process is designed with the same goal in mind.