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Coaching and Consultation

VVDB provides coaching and consultation to states, communities, agencies and staff who want to implement or improve their implementation of MiiWrap.  We believe this is a parallel process to doing MiiWrap in that we know you are the experts on your community and situations and we will help you find the options that will work best for you.  VVDB can provide several functions through our coaching and consultation:

  • We can help consider the benefits and costs of implementing MiiWrap and help you develop a plan for initial implementation
  • We can help you determine strategies to finance and market MiiWrap to your funders
  • We can help you develop and implement strategies to build community support for MiiWrap
  • We can train your staff, coaches and supervisors while concurrently providing orientation to key stakeholders
  • We can assess current implementation and help you develop a plan to improve fidelity and outcomes
  • We can provide direct coaching to your staff but find it more effective to do this through your coaches and supervisors while transferring control of training, coaching and certifying staff to these local coaches and supervisors
  • We provide monthly webinars and twice weekly blogs of new developments and helpful tips about MiiWrap implementation and coaching
  • We can train and certify local coach/trainers or train and certify local coaches to become Process Mentors and do this for you

On-site coaching for staff and coach/supervisors

Coaching teaches you the craft knowledge of following the theory of change and doing the action steps well. It is the process of teaching someone to do MiiWrap by showing them the process, consulting with them on how to use the process, and helping them discover the craft knowledge to do it well.   We will coach and teach your coaches to use observational learning and performance-based management to continually improve quality and outcomes for youth and families.  This process includes:

  • Showing someone the process done well,
  • Having them shadow an experienced coach,
  • Having the staff practice the skill and anticipate family reactions (behavioral rehearsal),
  • Watching them do the activity with youth and families and providing strengths-based feedback
  • Supporting certification of staff, coaches and MiiWrap Process Mentors
  • Providing ongoing consultation.
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