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Philosophy of Training & Coaching

  • VVDB believes the goal of training and coaching is to improve outcomes for youth and families
  • VVDB believes that outcomes are directly related to how well (fidelity) MiiWrap is provided
  • VVDB believes that training should be evaluated by how information is transferred into practice
  • VVDB believes that training must be supplemented with effective coaching to reach fidelity
  • VVDB believes that training and coaching should produce self-contained trainers and coaches who provide ever improving fidelity and outcomes
  • VVDB believes MiiWrap is most effectively provided though a learning community

VVDB believes that training and supporting learning is best evaluated by the outcomes for youth and families.  This should initially be measured by training transfer (how much of the material presented is implemented following training).  A series of studies by various researchers has demonstrated a direct link between fidelity (following the process as taught) and outcomes. Higher fidelity results in improved outcomes.  VVDB measures process fidelity as an indication of the effectiveness of training.

Much training research finds little to no transfer from most training. Through a series of implementation studies VVDB has adopted a training process that presents a Unified Mindset and Principles and cause and effect Theory of Change that can be used to focus the work of staff and a four-step training and learning process that maximizes transfer.  The four-step learning process

  • explains the rationale, intent and provides detail about what to do and how to use the related communication skills and activities
  • has the student use the information to solve problems with the new material to strengthen understanding (using a variety of adult learning mechanisms focusing on all learning styles)
  • has the student debrief and defend the answers to the problems to further strengthen learning and
  • has them watch good examples of using the skills doing MiiWrap

Once the training process is initiated concurrent coaching creates a much more effective learning experience.  VVDB trained and certified coaches use observational learning and reflective practice reviews to build on the learning from the training.  Fidelity is improved through performance-based training combined with reflective coaching.  Coaching is hands-on teaching. Coaching teaches the staff the craft knowledge of individualizing the process for each youth and family. It is the process of teaching someone to do MiiWrap by showing them the process, consulting with them on how to use the process, and helping them discover the craft knowledge to do it well.  Coaching often includes:

  • Showing someone the process done well,
  • Having them shadow an experienced staff
  • Having the staff practice the skill and anticipate family reactions (behavioral rehearsal)
  • Doing initial MiiWrap with the coach to increase success and build staff self-efficacy
  • Watching them do the activity with youth and families and providing strengths-based feedback
  • Providing ongoing consultation.

To speed the process of transferring control of the process to the local site, VVDB coaching focuses on teaching local program supervisors and coaches how to train and coach their own staff with ongoing updates as part of the VVDB MiiWrap Learning Community. VVDB has developed specialized training for these local coaches which begins before staff training and continues until the local coaches demonstrate the skill to manage and sustain the learning process.


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