Train the trainer: Foundations of MiiWrap course for coaches

Our new method of MiiWrap training is just starting to reach organizations that use Wraparound and MiiWrap. We believe the use of online training will increase the number of staff who receive training, decrease barriers associated with in-person training like coordinating schedules and arranging travel, and decrease burden on coaches by streamlining learning.

Each staff member who takes the MiiWrap Foundations course is shepherded through by a MiiWrap coach. Because our course is new, we are first teaching coaches. Once certified, coaches can then train staff in the Foundations of MiiWrap course. Our first cohort of coaches will start the Foundations of MiiWrap course in January of 2021. The original MiiWrap coach, Jim Rast, will facilitate the course.

Details on the Foundations of MiiWrap course

The course is a hybrid approach, with online, book, and remote coach debriefing components. The online component overviews MiiWrap skills, provides opportunity for practice, and includes shadowing videos of staff doing MiiWrap to support visual learners. This is supplemented by the MiiWrap Foundations textbook. All of this is reinforced by weekly virtual coaching to review material and provide feedback on techniques used during practice. Read more about the design of the course from our blog.

The Foundations of MiiWrap course is the first step in the coach MiiWrap journey. After this course, you enroll in the MiiWrap Coaching Workshop, to solidify skills in teaching MiiWrap to staff. You are then prepared to use the MiiWrap Foundations course to teach staff, coaching them through the process in the same way you experienced.

Starting in January, we will provide the course to future MiiWrap coaches. The online format allows for flexibility in starting dates and cohort sizes. We believe this way of teaching can revolutionize who, where, and when staff education takes place. The Foundations of MiiWrap course is more accessible than ever.

The coaches who sign up for early training will receive discounts on the Foundations of MiiWrap course and the Coaching Workshop. Once certified, the first two staff they train in Foundations of MiiWrap will receive free enrollment.

Interested in signing up for the MiiWrap foundations course? Fill out this form and we’ll send you more information. We’ll also ask for some more information from you, including previous coaching and supervision experience.

Course details

When: Classes of 6 to 8 will start several times a month beginning January 2021

Where: Virtual

Who is this for: The initial classes are for experienced and competent wraparound coaches and supervisors who want to be certified MiiWrap coaches and trainers

Cost: $1500 per person which includes (10% discount for groups of 3 or more)

    • Nine group coaching sessions for Foundations Curriculum
    • 10 virtual coach training sessions with 10 group debriefing sessions
    • Individual review and feedback on training activities throughout both courses
    • Foundations of MiiWrap Textbook and Credit for Coaching Textbook
    • Access to the e-Learning curriculum
    • Supplemental coaching material to support advanced coaching on critical topics

The 19-session coach and supervisor training introduce experienced Wraparound and/or MiiWrap coaches and supervisors to the details of using the VVDB virtual training materials to train and coach existing and new MiiWrp staff. In addition, the curriculum covers ongoing coaching and professional development and provides supplemental materials for providing effective coaching, training, and supervision for staff in the implementation of high fidelity MiiWrap. The curriculum focuses on a competency-based process for supporting these staff to provide fidelity MiiWrap as quickly as possible and continually improve their skills and outcomes. The coaching curriculum has three primary sections:

    • The first section takes covers the e-Learning curriculum in 19 modules that will be debriefed in 9 group coaching sessions. The coach will complete the Foundations of MiiWrap e-Learning curriculum to prepare to use it to train and coach staff
    • The second provides 10 virtual training and debriefing sessions on coaching including:
      • The role and function of the MiiWrap coach
      • Using the VVDB MiiWrap e-Learning curriculum to train new and existing staff
      • Using the e-Learning LMS to manage training and coaching
      • Motivating, building competency and self-efficacy of staff
      • Using Observational Learning Strategies
      • Creating a strengths-based culture of learning and ongoing individualized professional growth
      • Advance coaching strategies and supplemental materials for critical aspects of MiiWrap
    • The third section provides individual feedback and support for each coach through all the activities of the coaching curriculum and development of a follow-up plan to complete certification while using the e-Learning curriculum to train and coach existing and or new staff

Course trainers

Dr. Jim Rast, President Vroon VDB LLC

Dr. Rast has more than 35 years of experience in various settings in human service and healthcare organizations. He has been working with children and families in community-based settings for over 30 years, developing individualized services and systems to support these services. Jim has extensive skills in evaluation, continuous quality improvement, as well as developing and implementing community-based collaborative human services. Jim has developed and trained teams to implement High Fidelity Wraparound in several states and has integrated Motivational Interviewing and High-Fidelity Wraparound together to offer the more enhanced and effective service of MiiWrap.

Sharon Weber, Senior Clinical Trainer Magellan Healthcare Wyoming

Sharon Weber serves as the trainer-coach for Magellan the Wyoming Care Management Entity. Sharon lives in Laramie, Wyoming and comes to Magellan from Cathedral Home for Children, where she served as community programs director and in many other positions for the past 26 years. Sharon has spearheaded efforts with landmark implications in areas such as peer mediation and improved graduation rates. Her advocacy for children and families has extended to the Wyoming legislature. Sharon has achieved credentialing as a High-Fidelity Wraparound facilitator, trainer, coach and Wraparound process mentor. She is employing her diverse skills, leadership, and fervent passion to advance best practices throughout the state to improve the lives of youth and their families in Wyoming and is leading the effort to implement MiiWrap statewide in Wyoming.

Course overview

The Vroon VDB e-Learning Foundations of MiiWrap is a nineteen-module multimodal training curriculum to teach a working use of MiiWrap. Each Module will include:

    1. A short overview video describing the importance of the topics of the module
    2. A short training video to each of the components of the module
    3. Reading assignments (including Foundations of MiiWrap Chapters) with computer scored tests of questions/practical problems to assess student’s understanding of material
    4. Computer scored activities or shadowing experiences following a family through MiiWrap to be done to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts covered in each chapter
    5. Web-based group debriefing led by a certified coach
    6. Final activity/behavioral rehearsal to demonstrate functional use of materials of each module
    7. Supplemental materials for coaches to address common challenges to mastering MiiWrap

Modules Outline

    • Introduction to the course and Overview to MiiWrap
    • Behavior change and change talk
    • MiiWrap theory of change, Mindset and Spirit
    • Engagement and collaborative partnership
    • Supporting and guiding behavior change
    • Initially meeting and engaging the youth and family
    • Crisis Stabilization
    • Building an empathetic relationship through discovery
    • SNCD ingredients and gathering information from others
    • Developing focus through the SNCD
    • Behavioral Exploration
    • Supporting purposeful transition
    • Engaging and preparing the team
    • MiiWrap team-supported planning
    • Prevention focused behavior reduction and crisis plans
    • Implementation support and transferring control
    • Implementation management and refocusing
    • Strengthening and sustaining support
    • Transition

Coaching training session descriptions

Session One introduces the participants who will be doing this curriculum together to form working collaboration.  In overview to the course and requirements for completion will be discussed. The session will focus on how the coach can engage and motivate others to do fidelity MiiWrap and how to use this motivation to create and strengthen a group learning community within a service agency.

Session Two defines the role and functions of coaching in the MiiWrap process. It provides the rationales and research about coaching; it describes the theory of change and roles of the coach in creating an environment of ever-increasing quality of and outcomes for MiiWrap. The coaching focus will be in developing guiding skills and embracing the MiiWrap Mindset and Theory of Change.

Session Three is a parallel to engaging the family and expands on that focus on both engaging and motivating both new and current staff with a focus on engaging and motivating current staff to commitment to mastering MiiWrap. The parallel coaching focus is on using Relational Skills to promote engagement and partnership with youth and families and creating a Collaborative Partnership that supports integrated Motivation and an autonomy supportive environment.

Session Four presents an overview and strategies to support staff through the training material of the Foundations eLearning course. This section discusses training transfer and the parallel coaching focus of purposeful transition for youth and families and using the Transition Assets tool.

Session Five introduces the use of Observational Learning through the eLearning curriculum. This focuses on the use of the Shadowing and Behavioral Rehearsal sections of the curriculum. The parallel coaching focus is shaping, the use of “Do For, Do with and Cheer On” and role modeling and practice with families.

Session Six supplements the use of Observational Learning (shadowing and behavioral rehearsal for each module) in the eLearning with using these activities in follow-up coaching. The parallel coaching focus is identifying and resolving Ambivalence and using change skills to respond to Sustain Talk.

Session Seven provides an overview to the online learning management system (LMS) and walks student coaches through the process of using it. The LMS is one of the strengths and benefits of using the eLearning system to train MiiWrap. The parallel coaching focus are Implementation monitoring and managing the recording aspects of MiiWrap in such a way to support engagement and behavioral exploration.

Session Eight addresses the coach’s role in ongoing staff development and certifying staff as MiiWrap practitioners. Ongoing staff development creates a culture of continuous quality improvement and provides a professional credential for staff. The parallel coaching focus is developing focus during SNCD and again in implementation and responding to sustain talk and ambivalence with behavior change skills.

Session Nine focuses on the inter-relatedness component of the coaching theory of change. Creating a team-supported environment within the staff providing MiiWrap will create a culture of learning. This session addresses multiple strategies to create and strengthen this culture and support. The parallel coaching focus is engaging and motivating team members, monitoring and improving team support and cohesion within MiiWrap and strengthening natural support systems.

Session Ten is the final session of the coach training. Participants will identify and discuss lessons learned. Review requirements to complete coach certification and develop individual professional development plans that include becoming certified through the process of introducing the eLearning system with their staff.