What is MiiWrap?

MiiWrap is the next significant VVDB enhancement of high fidelity Wraparound.  Motivational Interviewing Informed Wraparound (MiiWrap) combines the Principles and Activities of Wraparound with the Mindset, Relational Communication Skills and Change Communication Skills of Motivational Interviewing.  VVDB has carefully integrated these processes through eight years of consultation with Motivational Interviewing experts, implementation research, field testing with programs across North America and the assistance of a learning community of Wraparound coaches, trainers, supervisors and program managers representing both facilitation and family support.  The resulting integrated process retains the identity and researched components of each process making enhancements to both to create a focused and integrated process.

MiiWrap improves engagement, motivation and outcomes for youth and families over previous versions of high fidelity Wraparound.  MiiWrap consists of:

  • A Unified Mindset that puts words to the “culture” that has been at the core of Wraparound since the days of Kaleidoscope and the Alaska Youth Initiative
  • Updated principles that define how we do MiiWrap
  • Relational communication skills that provide research proven strategies to increase engagement and strengthen the working partnership while reducing resistance and discord with youth, families and team members
  • Behavior change communication skill that are used in conjunction with the activities to evoke and strengthen motivation, self-efficacy and sustained outcomes
  • Team-supported behavior change activities that integrate motivational interviewing concepts into the Wraparound activities

To learn more about MiiWrap attend an introductory training, an advanced training for current wrapround staff a coach training on how to support MiiWrap in your program or read the upcoming MiiWrap Textbook.