Why Vroon VDB

Why do you need Vroon VDB to help your organization improve outcomes for your youth and families? We have the experience, the theoretical background, the breadth of services, and the ongoing research necessary to really provide the specific support your organization needs.

Vroon VDB LLC pioneered wraparound training. Vroon VDB is the continuation of Vroon VanDenBerg LLP, which has been continuously registered in the state of Colorado since 1999 and based in Aurora, Colorado. Vroon VDB developed the first wraparound training, training for supervisors and coaches, performance-based coaching processes, fidelity measurement systems and training DVDs for the process. In the late 1980s, Dr. VanDenBerg, and later Vroon VDB, transferred fidelity measurement to John Burchard at the University of Vermont, which has now become the wraparound evaluation and research team linked to the National Wraparound Initiative. In a 2014 version of wraparound Vroon VDB created and tested new tools to measure fidelity that are free to anyone who wants to use them.

Vroon VDB managed the first state-wide change effort that used coaching in addition to training (Arizona 2001). The experience of successfully implementing multi-site projects has provided Vroon VDB with a wealth of knowledge about what works for different communities. It has also served as a continual prompt to quality improvement and to investigate and systematically implement new strategies and resources for supporting communities. Vroon VDB has been involved in shaping the wraparound process from the beginning, both during the 13 years of our company, and in the decades prior as independent wraparound professionals.

MiiWrap is an integration of two dynamic and effective models. Wraparound and Motivational Interviewing. MiiWrap is learnable by a broad range of staff, and a high level of skills can be attained through training and coaching. Current wraparound staff that have been introduced to MiiWrap have been overwhelmingly positive about the new process and how much this adds to high fidelity wraparound.

Vroon VDB understands why wraparound works. Despite the increasing amount of resources for wraparound, few of these materials and resources address the theoretical foundations of the wraparound process. A theory of change links outcomes and activities to explain how and why the outcomes are expected to occur. This is critical to creating high fidelity wraparound, and to improving the wraparound process over time. The Vroon VDB Theory of Change articulates a hypothesis about why the wraparound process will cause sustainable outcomes for youth and families, why wraparound works, and why it is different from other services and processes. It also sets expectations for what we want to accomplish with and for youth and families. A theory of change defines what we are trying to accomplish through wraparound and helps the wraparound staff make decisions about how to individualize the process with each youth and family. With the addition of MiiWrap, we believe that the existing theory of change has increased its power to support and influence positive behavioral changes.

Since 1999, Vroon VDB has provided extensive training and coaching support to local sites and governments in North America and in Europe, and supported innovative uses of high fidelity wraparound with new populations. Vroon VDB has a network of more than 150 certified coaches in 25 states. Vroon VDB consults, trains, and coaches primarily on the high fidelity wraparound process delivered within a system of care structure. We have provided training, coaching and technical assistance in all states and most Canadian provinces, and for more than 25 American Indian tribes and Canadian First Nation communities. With the roll out of MiiWrap, we expect to extend our support even deeper across the country.

We provide on-site trainings, open enrollment workshops, and consulting services.  We have a line of textbooks and training materials to help you create a self-sustaining training, coaching, and certification systems within your organization. The company has hired and contracted with a diverse group of staff representing multiple educational backgrounds, sexes, ethnicities and wraparound and system experiences.

Vroon VDB continues to lead the field in wraparound training research and innovation. We’ve been engaged in ongoing field research on factors impacting implementation and sustainability of wraparound and have improved each of our products multiple times based on this research. Our recent research has focused specifically on wraparound efficacy and the need for individualization of aspects of the overall wraparound process for special populations, the sensitivity and use of the new Vroon VDB fidelity tools, and impact of various training and coaching techniques on training transfer and child and family outcomes.  The development of the MiiWrap model has followed strict protocols to assure that the essential and evidenced-based aspects of each model remain intact.

Our experience, our theoretical and practical understanding of the wraparound and training processes, the wide range of services we offer, and our ongoing research are just a few of the reasons to let Vroon VDB help you take your wraparound services to the next level. Take a look around our site or contact us to find our more.