History of VVDB

Vroon VDB LLC is the continual innovation of Vroon VanDenBerg LLP which transitioned in August 2012 when partner John VanDenBerg retired. The new company continues the services leadership role and innovations that have been the trademark of Vroon VDB since 1999.  Vroon VDB has steadily focused on purposeful transition to provide customers with turn key operations and products that can stand alone without consulting support.  In addition, Vroon VDB has expanded social, web-based and telephonic training, coaching and consultation, regional and national open trainings while maintaining the focus on innovation, on-site training, coaching and consulting.

Dr. Rast managed the first demonstration of the wraparound process using large numbers of Family Support Partners; in his 13-county effort in Southeast Kansas (1994), Dr. Rast managed a system with more than 75 wraparound staff who provided quality wraparound for more than 2,600 families over a five-year period. This program successfully reduced the use of psychiatric bed days from 4,000 a year to 400 a year for a 13-county region, while documenting improved clinical functioning, school outcomes, and reduced days in child welfare, residential placement and juvenile justice services for the children served. Dr. Rast worked with state officials to expand this project statewide and had significant responsibility in developing the state plan, funding strategies, and agency contracts in Kansas. To learn more about Dr. Rast, read his staff bio.

Dr. Rast isn’t our only wraparound expert on staff. All Vroon VDB staff have provided extensive wraparound services for youth and families, and continue to do so. All Vroon VDB staff have successfully supervised and coached wraparound programs and most have managed wraparound programs. We don’t just think and write about wraparound or vicariously experience it through others. We live and are totally committed to wraparound and MiiWrap in everything we do.

Vroon VDB staff member, David Duresky, has worked with Dr. Rast in the development of the MiiWrap training and curriculum project. David has worked in the field of social services for over 35 years. During that time, he has directed programs along the entire continuum of care including mental health and substance abuse services. David began working with Wraparound in a system of care grant in Broward County Florida in 2002. He has provided wraparound training and direct services to families and organizations since that time. David became deeply interested in Motivational Interviewing in the mid 90’s. David has directed research, published and provided training on Motivational Interviewing across the country for over 20 years. He has received national awards for his work in the field, and is incredibly excited to bring the MiiWrap model to families and communities through this model. To learn more about David Duresky, read his staff bio.

Rast and Duresky have extensive knowledge, practice and expertise in both Wraparound and Motivational Interviewing. Over the years they have talked about integrating the two models into one. Wraparound provided structure and activities that have been proven to help people with complex needs. Motivational Interviewing has a strong stylistic component and specific strategies to enhance engagement, motivation and self-efficacy in individuals and families. MiiWrap is the result of many years of thought, conversation, research and practice. Vroon VDB believes that MiiWrap, the integration of these two models, is one of the most powerful methods of working with individuals and families with multiple complex needs available today.

In a sense, MiiWrap is a natural evolution of Wraparound, the next step. Vroon VDB has always been on the cutting edge of research, development and implementation of Wraparound. MiiWrap is the next step, the natural blending of the two models into one seamless approach to working with people.