Susan Boehrer

10-Susan-BoehrerSusan Boehrer
Trainer Coach

Susan is a trainer and consultant for Vroon VDB, and previously served on the National Wraparound Initiative and the Outcomes Roundtable for Children and Families. She developed the Family Leadership Academy curriculum for training family members and consumers to become leaders in the community and to serve on boards, committees and tasks forces.  Susan co-authored a manual for Family Support Groups to form and run their own family support groups and worked with Vroon VDB to develop a curriculum and training program for Family Support Partners.

Susan was the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Federation of Families for Youth and Children’s Mental Health, a non-profit organization promoting advocacy, family support, and technical assistance for Oklahoma families, youth and children. She served by Governor’s appointment to the Partnership for Children’s Behavioral Health and the Governor’s Transformation Advisory Board. She also served on the Oklahoma Systems of Care State Advisory Team and on the Behavioral Health Development Team.

Susan graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. Her and her husband Terry are the parents of two adopted children with complex mental and behavioral health needs, the safe family of choice for several young adults, grandparents to 3, and open their home and farm to young adults and families. Susan and her husband enjoy working on their farm and vineyard, raising farm animals, adventure trips, and spending time together on the porch.